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Oil machine design PV Hybrid Systems

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-14 08:18:26
① Load work. And stand-alone PV system designs,solar power portable generator is one of hybrid system to determine the total load is equally important. For AC load, also we need to know the frequency, number of phases and power factor. Need to know not only the magnitude of the power load, the work load is important hour. The system must meet any peak situations that may arise, adoption determining control strategies to meet the needs of the work load.

② System bus structure. Select AC or DC bus load depends on the needs and the whole system works. If all loads are DC load, then use the DC bus. If the load most of all AC load, then it is best to use the AC bus architecture. If the solar power generator needs to be supplied to the AC load part, then select AC bus structure is more favorable. In general, the AC bus requires more complex control, the operating system is also more complex. But more efficient, because the alternator is directly supplied to the load required, unlike in the DC bus structure, the current output of the generator need to go through a rectifier AC into DC, and then through the inverter converts the DC into AC meet the needs of the AC load and have a great energy loss. When the design must be compared carefully to determine the optimum system bus architecture.

③ LifePo4 battery bus voltage. In a hybrid system, the cost and efficiency of the battery bus voltage of the system will have a huge impact. Typically, the battery voltage should be at the bus device allows the voltage and local safety regulations try to get a high voltage value. Gao because the more voltage will reduce the operating current, thereby reducing losses, improve system efficiency (because power is proportional to the square of the current loss). And because the cost of the cable, insurance, circuit breakers and other equipment are some of the current size and about, so the higher voltage can be reduced the cost of these devices. For DC bus system, typically load DC voltage determines the total voltage lines. If there are multiple load, the human load voltage bus voltage, thus reducing the capacity of the DC / DC filter. For AC load system, the lifePo4 battery voltage is determined by the inverter input voltage. Typically, in addition to the minimum system, the other should use a minimum voltage of 48V. Larger systems should use 120V or 240V. The largest PV / diesel hybrid systems are currently commercially available for 480V systems.
④ Battery capacity of children. Stand-alone PV systems often provide 5? 7 days or more self-sufficient for several days. For mixed system, because there are alternative energy, lifePo4 batteries are usually relatively small, the number of days of self-sufficiency 2? 3 days. When the storage battery power drops, the system can start the reserve source of energy (such as diesel generators) to charge the battery. In stand-alone systems, batteries are used as energy reserves, the energy reserve must be adequate to meet the energy requirements at any time bad weather conditions when. In a hybrid system, the role of the lifePo4 battery is slightly different. Its role is to make use of each control system can coordinate energy. By battery energy storage system in full use of solar energy at the same time, you can also control the generator to work at the optimum conditions. Good mixing system design must grasp the balance in the economy and reliability.

⑤ Generator and battery charging design. Solar power portable generators and battery charging control should match the design, because the hybrid system in which two components are closely linked. First, the battery capacity of the child determines the size of the battery charger. Large current charger can not be used to charge the battery, usually the maximum charge rate C.

5. The solar power generator to charge the battery must be able to meet the need. Smaller batteries will reduce the initial cost of the system, but will lead to more frequent and start the diesel engine, which increases fuel consumption and diesel engine maintenance costs. In terms of the size of the generator grate should also be considered when energy demand and power factor load. If you are using an AC bus, but also consider the loads directly to the AC generator. Use larger generator, the generator will reduce the working time, but will not necessarily reduce the percentage of the solar cell module system total solar power generation accounts for the children. Reduction of working hours of the generator can reduce the maintenance cost of the system, and the system and the mention Gao fuel economy. Therefore, the use of high power generators have a lot of advantages. Theoretically, it can _ to select the generator power system load 75%-90%. This can have a relatively low system maintenance costs and less protection _ Gao systems fuel economy.
Note also that the generator rated power is measured at a specific temperature, altitude and humidity conditions in the choice of the generator of the time. If the generator work under different conditions, the output of the portable solar generator will be reduced. Relevant information can be obtained from a diesel engine manufacturer. In general, the output power of the generator as altitude decreases liter Gao, Gao 300m liter normally reduced by 3.5%. Temperature (relative rated temperature, typically 30 ° C) is increased to reduce the output lt 0.36% and humidity may cause a power drop of 6 percent most Gao.

⑥ Fuel generators and solar energy contribution component distribution. In the photovoltaic generator hybrid fuel system design, fuel generators and solar energy components contributed allocation is critical, which determines the energy of the solar cell module size and fuel generators annual contribution directly affects the cost of the system and work system Happening. The greater the energy provided by the portable solar power generator is required for the solar cell module is smaller, which can reduce the initial cost of the system, but the working hours of fuel generator will increase, resulting in maintenance costs and improve the fuel consumption of the system, it is the entire the system capacity t design foundation. Determining the need for a comprehensive distribution system, consider the location of meteorological factors, system cost, system maintenance and other factors. We can make simple estimates based on experience, if want to get an accurate estimate, you need to use a computer simulation. Generally considered the contribution of the energy of the solar cell module should be 25% of the total load demand? 75% of the initial system cost and maintenance costs will be relatively low. But for a different situation, it is necessary for the overall system efficiency and energy loss do careful consideration, the contribution ratio to be amended.

In determining fuel generators and solar energy components contributed assigned, you can then load according to the annual electricity consumption, calculated annual solar power battery module power supply and power supply annual fuel generators by solar modules annual power supply can calculate the required capacity of the solar cell module, the annual power generator M can be calculated yearly working hours to estimate fuel generator maintenance costs and fuel consumption.

⑦ Angle design photovoltaic systems. For stand-alone PV systems, in order to reduce lifePo4 battery usage and system cost, the need to obtain maximum solar radiation in the winter. This requires the inclination of the solar cell module is set to the local latitude than the big 10 20. However, in a mixed system, because spare oil machine can give the battery charge, so you can no longer consider the impact of seasonal factors on the solar cell module. Design of solar modules need only consider such a solar cell module to maximum output throughout the year, can be more efficient use of solar energy. Inclination of the solar power battery module can be set to the local latitude to get the maximum solar radiation. But the need to pay attention in the design, because the capacity of the lifePo4 batteries used in the hybrid system is relatively small, the strong solar radiation in the summer for those photovoltaic energy contribution accounted for a large proportion of portable solar power generator systems, there may not be fully stored solar cell module energy generated child, will cause some waste of energy, resulting in reduced energy efficiency of the system, the economic impact of the system. So in fact, the proportion of solar energy can contribute should be controlled at about 90% of solar radiation in the best month. In some cases, it may in certain seasons of the energy contribution have specified requirements, which need to be adjusted for the solar cell module.

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