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Note7 Deprecated SDI Battery Steering ATL

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-07 17:11:49
Samsung Galaxy Note7 due to lifePo4 battery explosion has staged more serious, the Samsung headquarters announced they would withdraw all global Galaxy Note7 new machine, however, Samsung announced that not include China, because the mainland market listing Galaxy Note7 does not use problem lifePo4 battery, so will continue to sell. Samsung Galaxy Note7 spate of explosion is most likely because the battery insulation function problems caused ,due to the lifePo4 batteries pack system partners slight error process occurs, leading to the cathode and anode touch and fire.

Rechargeable lithium-ion battery cells, package, and system integration research and development, production and marketing of hi-tech enterprises. Professional manufacturers of rechargeable lithium batteries,the hi-tech enterprises's technology,production capacity and sales are in a leading position. ATL products of lithium batteries are widely used in laptop, mobile phones, digital players, digital cameras, portable video recorder, power tools and other consumer electronics devices. At the same time, ATL is actively developing electric vehicles and energy storage systems on the market.
ALT produces three kinds batteries,one for electric vehicles prismatic battery capacity of more than 20Ah, one for consumer electronics products, cylindrical battery laptops and cordless power tools.The other one is lithium polymer battery used in consumer electronics and strange products. Usually refers to the rectangular lifePo4 battery electric vehicles or energy storage applications designed for hard shell battery, capacity is more than 20 A, which is based on the characteristics of the lifePo4 chemical systems to achieve long cycle life and storage life, but also through design optimization, achieve high energy density or high power density.

Refers to a cylindrical battery has been widely used in ordinary laptop or cordless power tools in industrial standard Huai model 18650. ATL cylindrical battery performance to meet the industry-leading level of regulatory requirements, and at the same time may need to provide solutions with a unique design according to the customer, such as: fast charge high capacity, long cycle life, high energy density or high power density. Polymer refers to the application pool in consumer electronics and AIT accessories polymer battery is the latest fashion trends and most soalr power portable generator all use this battery. Capacity lithium poly shape and size flexibility, customers can use their own unique needs involved in custom design batteries. In addition, it is thin and light features just to meet the trend of ultra-thin notebooks and tablets. At the same time, fast charging, long life and other performance characteristics of the ATL can also be realized in polymer battery.

Power management system and package integration business two subsidiaries storage battery is still in its investment phase.

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