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No. 1 Super Factory

Author: Source: Datetime: 2018-09-21 12:43:33
On Thursday, Tesla released a picture of the "No. 1 Super Factory" rooftop solar panel array through Twitter, saying that Super Plant No. 1 is a purely electric power plant that does not directly consume fossil fuels (natural gas or oil). Tesla will achieve a 100% sustainable energy supply through a combination of 70MW solar roof arrays and solar-powered ground units. This solar power generator solar roof array is seven times larger than the largest rooftop solar system installed today. ”

Tesla plans to build the world's largest rooftop solar system in Nevada to power the No. 1 Super Factory. The company added that they will use about 200,000 solar modules, which means that each module can generate about 350 watts. The latest satellite image shows that Tesla installed about 12 solar panels. To reach 70MW of installed capacity, Tesla still has a long way to go.
Earlier reports said that the current "No. 1 Super Factory" covers an area of 177,000 square meters, and the factory currently has about 455,000 square meters of operating space. According to Tesla, this is only 30% of the “super factory” that is planned to be completed.

In addition, Apple's rooftop solar array at Apple's new headquarters is currently one of the largest solar arrays with a installed capacity of 17MW.
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