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New unmanned aerial vehicles

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-18 10:15:39

Nowadays, unmanned aerial vehicles can be described as much favor, as the market "new favorite", some companies have also introduced new products competing "God." From the world's first "fly" self-timer artifacts to the bionic "mechanical bird", UAV application of a wide range of new products after another, people staggering.


From the star to use unmanned aircraft to marry, the Rio Olympic unmanned aerial vehicles help security, Shunfeng and Jingdong use unmanned aerial vehicle delivery, UAV aerial photography, surveillance, UAV applications widely presumably to become related industries Of the new and old companies, large and small enterprises to grab one of the important reasons for the market. Nowadays, unmanned aerial vehicles can be described as much favor, as the market "new favorite", some companies have also introduced new products competing.

 PV and UAV

Zero Unlimited UAV: the world's first "free hand"


October 14, Zero Unlimited in the United States released the world's first safe and easy to use portable non-aerial unmanned aerial vehicles. Unlike other aerial products on the market, HoverCameraPassport is the first truly designed for mass consumer UAV, easy to use portable will follow the film is its greatest feature.


The UAV is a carbon fiber shell, and the body design is the kind of fully enclosed rotor structure, the benefits of this design is to protect the user is not the rotor scratch, at least there will be no psychological shadow. While adding the embedded artificial intelligence technology, a key to open the HoverCameraPassport to shoot. It supports auto-follow shooting, high-definition 4K video, is equipped with a 1300W pixel lens, but also equipped with a Xiaolong 801 chip, built-in 1360mAh battery, can help you capture every wonderful moment. The batteries could be as LiFePO4 batteries.


Intel "Falcon8 +": the first commercial unmanned aerial vehicle


"Falcon8 +" unmanned aerial vehicles for industrial testing, measurement and mapping series of commercial applications designed, but also based on Intel's subsidiary AscendingTechnologies of the company's "Falcon8 +", the industry's first commercial unmanned aerial vehicle "Falcon8 +" to enter the UAV industry. Octocopter design.


Falcon8 + UAV rotor with a patented V-shaped design, speed of up to 35 miles per hour, faster than most amateur UAVs. With a variety of special features, including UAV's own built-in backup battery and communication systems. The type of batteries also can be used in portable solar powered generator. The system also features an Intel Cockpit weatherproof controller, dual joysticks and an integrated Intel Tablet PC.


Intel unmanned aerial vehicle develops rapidly. The company in January this year, the acquisition of the German commercial unmanned aerial vehicle manufacturers AscendingTechnologies, followed by the acquisition of computer vision chip maker Movidius. Quadcopters and Google's ProjectTango use Movidius proprietary computer vision chips. Intel has also built its own chip and camera system for UAVs based on its RealSense technology and is a major investor in China's unmanned aerial vehicle maker Yuneec, a major rival to the industry's big rival. TAG: Ireland Hawaii Duke 100Ah 48V telecom Malta Battery-Box Passenger NTPC Containerized Off-Grid Code Building California