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New materials to help solar panels flourish

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-12-07 15:41:31
In recent years, scientists have developed a variety of new materials to develop various types of solar cells and have achieved a lot of results.
New coatingpv-cells-design
Researchers at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in 2008 developed a new type of coating, the cover can make the sunlight absorption rate increased to 96.2% in solar panels, solar panels and ordinary sunlight absorption rate is only about 70%.
The new coating mainly solves two technical problems, one is to help the solar panels absorb almost all of the solar spectrum, the two is to make solar panels absorb from larger angle sun, so as to improve the efficiency of solar panels to absorb solar.
Ordinary solar panels usually can only absorb part of the solar spectrum, and usually only work in direct sunlight absorption efficiency is higher, so a lot of solar power generators devices are equipped with automatic adjustment system, to ensure that the solar panels and the sun remains the most conducive to the absorption of energy angle.
Plant material
In February 18, 2013, a Japanese research team with wood pulp as raw material and developed a new type of solar panels, this "paper" environmental protection, cheap and ultra-thin solar cell can be bent, the future may come in handy.
In order to ensure the light transmittance, the solar cell panel is normally used for transparent glass or plastic. The research team is associate professor of Industrial Science Research Institute of Osaka University Yoshiki Masaya led to pulp plant fiber as raw material, through compression processing, successfully developed a transparent material thickness of only 15 nm, and as substrate, photoelectric conversion of organic materials and wiring for pressure embedding, which made paper solar cell.15nm solar cells
Allegedly, "the solar photoelectric conversion paper" efficiency is only 3%, far less than the general power for the solar cell conversion rate of 20% to 10%, but the solar cell and the glass substrate almost, and portable and easy to use, simple manufacture, low cost, developers hope after a few years of practical.

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