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New Type Perovskite Solar Cells

Author: Source: Datetime: 2017-01-11 16:01:27
Russia's Moscow Institute of Iron and Steel and the University of Texas at Dallas International Research Group, recently developed a perovskite solar cell manufacturing technology. Compared with traditional silicon-based solar cells, perovskite-type thin-film solar cell photoelectric conversion efficiency is higher, lower cost, the future is expected to large-scale replacement of silicon-based portable solar power generator cells.

Silicon-based solar cell research began in the mid-20th century. A drawback of the prior art is that the production process of silicon is high in energy consumption and toxic and is costly. Silicon is characterized by low flexibility, fragility, battery board weight, which greatly reduces the scope of its use. Metal organic perovskite solar cells are expected to solve these problems.
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In the new study, scientists created a prototype of a series of devices, the photovoltaic cells and carbon nanotubes connected as a whole. Multilayer in-line devices combine a perovskite cell with a traditional silicon-based solar cell, allowing the entire solar visible spectrum to be converted into electrical energy. This new mechanism for converting solar energy into electrical energy increases cell efficiency by 15%.

Professor Anwar Zahidov, a professor at the University of Texas at Dallas, said that the main advantage of the mixed perovskite material is that it is simple to obtain and uses common metal salts and organic compounds rather than high-performance semiconductors Products, such as silicon-based solar cells and gallium arsenide solar cells used in the expensive rare elements. Perovskite materials can be used not only on glass, but also on other materials and surfaces. This makes the battery much cheaper than other methods of obtaining thin-film solar cells.
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Perovskite thin film solar cell active layer can be applied to the soft, thin base. Roll-to-roll technology can be used to spray solar cells to any curved surface. In this way, compared with traditional silicon-based solar cells, the scope of application of such solar cells significantly expanded, such as portable electronic equipment, household appliances, "smart home" equipment to ensure that residential, room and automotive industry Of the power supply.

At present, per square meter perovskite solar panel prices do not exceed 100 US dollars, while the most expensive silicon-based solar power batteries panels per square meter price of 300 US dollars. In the case of large-scale production, the price will be a difference of 3 times. In view of the photovoltaic technology eco-friendly, inexpensive, cheaper production of new equipment, can significantly reduce the use of traditional energy sources.
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