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New Type Electric Automotive Powertrain

Author: Source: Datetime: 2018-08-01 12:14:56
Donghan New Energy Automotive Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Hanergy Mobile Energy Holding Group Co., Ltd., and Bluecar, a subsidiary of BOLLOREGROUP, held a signing ceremony for the strategic cooperation framework agreement in Beijing.

As Hanergy has been striving to promote the application of thin-film solar products in automotive energy supply, the Bolure Group and its Bluecar companies have tremendous market and technological advantages in the manufacture of new energy vehicles, the sharing of automobiles, and especially solid-state lithium batteries. . Therefore, the signing of the cooperation agreement between the two parties is likely to be closely related to Hanergy’s mobile energy strategy.
New Type Electric Automotive Powertrain
In this regard, Wang Xin, general manager of Donghan New Energy Automotive Technology Co., Ltd., said that “Hanergy and Boluore both believe that there is a huge opportunity for 'thin film solar + solid lithium battery' to create a new type of electric Automotive powertrain '."

According to Wang Xin, according to Hanergy's current design, the film products used in automobiles are double-junction gallium arsenide batteries, and its current photoelectric conversion efficiency has reached 31.6%.

From this calculation, if a thin-film solar system can be installed on a car with an area of 5 square meters, then 5 square meters will generate 1.58 kWh per hour, and if it can be illuminated for 5 hours per day, the system can generate 8 degrees per day. . According to the future 1 degree electricity can support the lightweight car to travel 10 kilometers calculation, then, theoretically only by solar energy, under certain lighting conditions, the car can travel 80 kilometers per day.

"But in order to truly meet the requirements of long-distance travel of automobiles, we need a battery with advanced technology and high energy density." Wang Xin believes that "Bolo's solid-state lithium battery may be the best choice at present."

According to public information, the Boluo Group has been cultivating solid-state lithium batteries for 20 years, and its current advantages are mainly concentrated on safety (continuous application of practical applications), no attenuation and great potential for energy density.
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