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New Tesla Power Supply Cost Lower Than Grid In Australia

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-27 10:47:10
solar powerTesla launched in Australia for the residents to use the latest solar powered portable generator energy storage battery Powerwall2.0, the storage capacity of 14 kwh, the price of 5,500 US dollars (8,800 Australian dollars), all installed down a total investment of 10,300 US dollars . Compared to a year ago Powerwall1.0, unit energy storage costs have dropped by 50%.

So, in Australia, the use of "photovoltaic + Tesla battery + grid" power supply and simply from the power grid from the cost point of view is cost-effective? We take the Adelaide capital as an example. Assuming that the annual electricity consumption is 4,800 kWh, the installation of a 5 kW PV system (20 years of life, 20% of the initial operation and maintenance costs) will cost 10,300 USD (life expectancy 10 years). The annual operation of photovoltaic power generation 8,373 kilowatt hours, of which 3773 kilowatt hours sold to the grid, only in the case of insufficient storage capacity to buy electricity from the grid 200 kWh. So doing, "PV + Tesla battery + grid" power supply costs have been slightly lower than all from the grid to purchase electricity, with the "PV + storage" on the basic to meet the demand.

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