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New Source Solar Panels

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-20 10:14:19
solar panelsAccording to the US "popular science" monthly website reported that the US start-up companies zero quality water company founder Cody Friesen to develop new type solar powered portable generator panels.

Friesen developed a solar panel called the "source" that draws moisture from the air people breathe and then compresses it into drinking water.

"As long as you have air conditioning, you can make water from air, which is nothing mysterious," Friesen said, "all we have to do is develop a solar panel that can make water instead of generating electricity.

How does this solar panel work? Think about why in the salt bottle to put some rice. Rice has a moisture absorption, can keep the salt dry. Zero quality water company developed a function similar to the rice grain material, it can absorb moisture in the air. And then do is to extract the water from this material out, and then purify.

"Source" will add calcium and magnesium elements to achieve the taste of bottled water and pH. A "source" system produces 5 liters of water a day, to meet the needs of a family of four.

"Source" entirely rely on solar energy, so far away from the grid and centralized water supply facilities where work. This is a revolutionary technology comparable to portable solar power generator panels and mobile phones.

Friesen is a professor of engineering at Arizona State University in the United States, where he developed the "fountain" system in the dry southwestern United States. The invention has sparked interest from consumers in California and Arizona, who want to replace bottled water with "fountainheads."

For consumers in developing countries, the "source" will become more valuable. About one-tenth of the world's population lacks safe drinking water. Climate change may increase the severity of the problem and lead to more drought in some vulnerable areas. For poor families in remote areas, a machine that can extract water from the air will become very useful.

Zero-quality water company in the United States, Mexico, Jordan, Ecuador and other places to install the "source" solar panels.
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