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New Solar Cell Thin Film

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-15 13:59:17
solar cell thin filmThe second generation of solar thin film market is now quietly rising, its unique light, translucent and other advantages to open up a new area. Thin film solar cells can use low-cost glass, plastic, ceramics, graphite, metal and other materials when the substrate to create a voltage to produce the film thickness of only a few μm, so under the same light-receiving area than the silicon wafer Solar cells significantly reduce the amount of raw materials (the thickness of silicon solar cells 10%), the current laboratory conversion efficiency of 21% or more, large-scale production of stable efficiency up to about 15%. Thin-film cells, in addition to the plane, but also has flexibility can be made into a non-planar structure can be combined with the building or become part of the building body. Thin-film solar cell cutting requires high stability, high-power all-solid-state picosecond lasers. The Kjs picosecond lasers are of small structure and stable system. They have potential applications in laser display technology and free electron lasers. By using one to two power amplifiers and then doubling, tripling and quadruple frequency techniques, To achieve green, ultraviolet light picosecond laser output, used in solar cell scribing film and other fine processing. The results show that the ultrashort laser pulse reduces the thermal effect and reproducibility is better. At the same time a large number of experiments show that 1064 nm picosecond laser can be used as a common technology in thin film solar cell processing of all processes. The new Shanghai Kaye picosecond laser has a high repetition rate, and the resulting engraved lines are characterized by high quality and high stability, and can reduce the processing loss and prolong the life of the solar cell module.

The new applications of picosecond laser technology are just emerging. The main applications include: semiconductor industry, solar powered portable generator energy industry (especially thin film technology), flat display industry, diamond micro-casting, precise aperture and electrode structure, micro-processing, high compression Cylinder injection nozzle and thin glass tube material cutting and drilling. Picosecond laser is a cold vaporization cutting method, pulse picosecond laser power in the high-power laser beam irradiation, the energy quickly injected into a small role in the region 10μm, an instant high-energy density deposition of electron absorption and movement of the way to avoid, Laser linear absorption, energy transfer and diffusion, fundamentally changed the laser-material interaction mechanism. The material is rapidly heated to a gasification temperature without significant melting by the instantaneous heating of the peak power so that the material escapes from the material surface in the form of gas. Shanghai to Capgemini laser, laser beam through the high-speed displacement scanning galvanometer mirror reflection after the flat field lens focused on the surface of the material, repeated circular motion, the material can be completely cut through the separation. Another kind of optical fiber laser is a hot-melt cutting method. When laser and nitrogen are cut, the instantaneous heat or cold is generated, which is easy to produce small cracks and edge rupture. It is easy to hang slag and high operating cost (nitrogen cost 300 yuan / 24 hours)
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