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New Power Battery Project For Camel Group

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-26 10:54:33
Camel groupCamel Group 700 million-watt-scale power battery project will be put into operation early next month.

It is understood that the power lithium-ion battery project is the company 4 billion-watt-hour power lithium-ion battery project a project by the company's wholly owned subsidiary of Camel Group New Energy Battery Co., Ltd. is responsible for the implementation of the project a total investment of 800 million yuan, Scale for the annual output of 700 million Wh power battery production line (to produce lifepo4 battery or ternary system of aluminum battery power).

According to reports, the project's main products have passed the national mandatory performance testing and certification, reached the domestic advanced level, and through some of the OEM verification and recognition.

The project is one of the pre-convertible bonds raised investment projects, the feasibility analysis report shows that the project put into production, is expected to achieve annual sales income of 1.61 billion yuan, up to an annual net profit of 133 million yuan.
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