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New Method Can Increase Lithium Battery Energy Density

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-29 08:12:38
batteryYang Yuan, an assistant professor at Columbia University's School of Materials Science and Engineering, has developed a new approach to increasing the energy density of lithium-ion batteries. His three-layer structure of electrodes in the bare air environment to maintain stability, thus making the battery more durable, further reduce the manufacturing cost. The study can increase the energy density of lithium batteries 10-30%, related papers published in early October in the "Nano Letters" periodicals.

The new method can be lithium battery energy density increased by 30% of the cost is also low

Graphite / PMMA / Li three-layer electrode in a battery electrolyte for 24 hours before (left) and after (right). Prior to immersion in the electrolyte, the three-layer electrode is stable in air. After soaking, lithium and graphite reaction, the color turns yellow. Source: Columbia University

"When lithium batteries are charged for the first time, they lose as much as 5-20% of their energy in the first cycle," Yang said. "We have been able to avoid this loss through structural improvements. The approach has great potential for increasing battery life and is expected to be used in portable electronic devices and electric vehicles. "

During the first charge after production, a portion of the electrolyte in the lithium battery will change from a liquid state to a solid state due to a reduction reaction and adhere to the negative electrode of the battery. This process is irreversible and reduces the stored energy of the solar power batteries.

In the current electrode manufacturing technology, this process to bring the loss of about 10%, but for high-capacity next-generation anode material, such as silicon, the loss will reach 20-30%, which will greatly reduce the lifepo4 battery Of the actual available capacity.

In order to compensate for such initial loss, the conventional method is to add some lithium-rich material to the electrode. However, since most of these materials are unstable in the air environment, they must be manufactured in dry air, which is completely free from moisture, and therefore, the manufacturing cost of the battery is greatly increased.

Yang Yuan developed the three-electrode structure is to ensure that the electrode can be completed in the ordinary air environment to complete the manufacturing.
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