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New Laser Processing System Improves Battery Processing Efficient

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-12-11 17:08:19
ROFIN-BAASEL Lasertech, together with production sites in Germany, the United States and China, has released the latest upgrade of the Dual Line c-si ™ laser processing system, which offers increased production capacity and lower processing costs for mass production of PERC efficient battery processing. Providing more efficient productivity and lower production costs and increased production PERC battery efficiency.

PERC battery laser processing is becoming a standard process, for silicon cell manufacturers, in the production of silicon and polysilicon laser processing is a necessary processing. The backside passivation layer of the battery (Al2O3 / SiNx or SiOx / SiNx) greatly improves the solar powered portable generator cell efficiency. In order to fuse the aluminum coating on the back side with silicon during the firing process, 5% of the backside area during laser ablation must be treated. After that, the output can be increased to 4500 pieces per hour in a short time.
New Laser Processing System Battery Processing Efficient
The Dual Line c-Si ™ module platform has two independent conveyor belt transfer wafers, each with a laser. The heart of the machine is the use of high-precision granite base to support the laser source and rapid chip transfer. Optics and wafer processing center. The system is characterized by "flight processing" process, the basic process to reduce the laser processing cycle of silicon transfer and transit time, greatly improving the production efficiency, the processing speed of up to 4500 per hour.

The laser processing of PERC solar power generator batteries is performed by drawing lines, dotted lines and dotted lines. Other laser applications, such as selective emitter, MWT drilling and edge insulation, can be handled on the same platform. ROFIN Germany in Germany and ROFIN China can achieve this processing.
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