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New Journey of New Energy Vehicles in Thirteen Five Period

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-17 13:12:25

 New Journey of New Energy Vehicles in "Thirteen Five" Period


During the "Thirteen Five", China's development objectives of the new energy vehicles, electric cars in 2020 reached 5 million. Industry optimistic expectations of new energy vehicle development is expected over the next 10 years will be the golden era of new energy vehicles and battery development, the battery developing is also important to solar powered portable generator.


According to January 2015 "issued on 2016--2020 application and popularization of new energy vehicles in the financial support policy," and "Thirteen Five" planning requirements, by 2020 China's automobile market will be more than 400 billion yuan of new energy, and associated battery market will reach 200 billion yuan. The rapid expansion of market size, the biggest benefit will be a key component of high-end electric car lithium battery, such as LiFePO4 battery pack.


New energy vehicles and explosive growth of storage demand, the core components for electric vehicles - power lithium battery a huge market space. Guotai Junan Securities forecast, as demand for electric energy storage coupled with the bike is expected 2015-2016, China's power lithium battery market will reach 42.1 billion yuan and 59.6 billion yuan.


At present, China's battery industry, the company is the number of the status quo, small scale, technological innovation capacity and weak profitability. The main production capacity to lead acid battery-based, a serious shortage of power lithium battery production. Science and Technology in February 2015 issued a "national key R & D program focused on new energy vehicles special plan" (draft), new energy automobile power battery core technology proposed quantitative targets. When the program requires car battery monomer ratio of energy by the end of 2015 reached 200 Wh / kg, 1-fold increase compared to 2010; 2020 to 300 Wh / kg, the overall level remains at three international front. Therefore, the development of high energy density, long life and high energy battery safety has become the industry trend.

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In the field of the cathode material, the bulk has been used in lithium-ion batteries are mainly lithium cobalt oxide, lithium nickel oxide, manganese oxide, lithium nickel manganese cobalt cathode materials for lithium three yuan, and lithium iron phosphate. They are a part of portable solar power generator. According to experts, "Thirteen Five" period, the entire cathode materials for lithium-ion battery will be along the high-voltage, high security and low cost direction, lithium iron phosphate, lithium manganese oxide, lithium phosphate ferromanganese, NCM three yuan cathode material material, NCA ternary material, lithium nickel manganese oxide or the like during the "thirteen five" further developed, its safety and cost will be further refined. On shipments, it is expected to "Thirteen Five" late, shipments of cathode materials will exceed 200,000 tons.


In the field of anode material, "Thirteen Five" period, such as graphene, silicon carbide and other new negative electrode material will gradually mature, and have quick release of fast-charge lithium titanate anode material application will be more extensive, is expected to "Thirteen Five "the end of the negative electrode material shipments will exceed 150,000 tons, the world's largest anode material manufacturer.

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