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New Energy Vehicle Waiting For Battery Technology Improvement

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-12 10:01:24
With the northeastern region into the high incidence of haze weather, the promotion of new energy vehicles also attracted attention.

However, the reporter recently visited the city of Shenyang more than 10 4S shop, the store display of new energy vehicles, only a handful of cars in the production of new energy vehicles, many new energy vehicle models have been removed from the booth, the sales charge Gao Shen told reporters that sales in the South a very good model "Don" in Shenyang, the price of 240,000 yuan, while in the South generally less than 20 million. "This model to enjoy state subsidies, but in many cities in the northeast of local subsidies are not in place."
new energy vehicle
In the recently held at the Shenyang International Auto Show, although many debut of the new models popular audience, but in stark contrast to the new energy vehicles of serious concern. In the six-day show, there is a domestic manufacturer of new energy vehicles, said a new energy vehicles are not sold, and come to inquire about the few consumers.

Some consumers told reporters that they are new energy vehicles in the northeast winter start and mileage still have doubts, the Northeast winter temperatures low and long duration, the battery performance decay faster than fuel-powered cars, they worry about the new Energy battery will be "carry".

"Some of our hybrid cars are very popular in the South, but the sales in the Northeast is not very good," a car to participate in the Shenyang auto show official said, in addition to climate reasons, the charging pile and other related facilities Is also imperfect new energy vehicles in the northeastern region of the important reasons for sales of cold.

"New energy vehicles, low fuel consumption is actually very attractive, especially now that haze so heavy, buy a new energy vehicles for environmental protection is a force, but considering the performance and price of vehicles, to buy new energy vehicles or less cost-effective "A consumer told reporters.

It is understood that, starting in 2010, the Chinese government to purchase new energy vehicles to provide subsidies to consumers, when the plug-in hybrid passenger car up to the maximum subsidy of 50,000 yuan / vehicle, but a few years after the decline in subsidies. Ministry of Finance and other four ministries and commissions issued last year, the financial support policy, by 2020, the subsidy standards but also in 2016 on the basis of 40% decline.

Insiders pointed out that the amount of subsidies decreased year by year, showing that the Government hopes to promote the spontaneous promotion of new energy vehicles by market forces. But the reporter learned that the average cost per kilometer petrol car is about 0.7 yuan, plug-in hybrids cost 0.4 yuan per kilometer, a few years down the average family can save up to less than 20,000 yuan of oil money, even if the state has Subsidies in the northeast, the price of new energy vehicles are often higher than the ordinary fuel cars a few million.

It appears that, due to high prices, coupled with people worried about the battery life battery capacity, new energy vehicles into the northeastern region of ordinary people's families have yet to be time.

China Automobile Dealers Association executive director Jia Xinguang that the new energy vehicles in the Northeast to promote a big reason is difficult in winter cold weather, lifepo4 battery pack, the cost of production does not fall down, government subsidies alone is not a permanent solution, the new energy in the Northeast real battery technology to be a breakthrough.

In order to speed up the promotion and application of new energy vehicles, in October this year, Jilin Province, Heilongjiang Province, issued a promotional application of the implementation of the views. Among them, Jilin Province, the new energy vehicle R & D and industrialization of major breakthroughs in technology, to give no more than 50% of the total R & D investment funds; Heilongjiang Province is particularly suitable for use in the cold areas of new energy vehicles Subsidies, by 2020, the province's annual output of new energy vehicles will reach 20,000.

Jia Xinguang pointed out that the new energy vehicles charging pile and other related facilities is imperfect, just shows the new energy vehicles in the Northeast has not been recognized by the market, do not have the market competitiveness. "The promotion of new energy vehicles in the Northeast, the key need to enhance the level of research and development to solve the problem of cold winter solar power batteries wear and tear, reduce the production cost of new energy vehicles.

To improve the relevant infrastructure, the Northeast more than put forward plans. Shenyang plans to 2020 to complete the goal of the promotion of 10,000 new energy vehicles, while the construction of 120 charging stations, charging pile 7200, but the current advancing slowly.
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