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New Energy Vehicle Mileage And Safety

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-26 12:29:34
Beijing in early 2016, such as snow and to, so many people wonder the snow in Beijing as if through the night back to Peking. Although the capital of the capital of the snow do not have a flavor, and the sudden drop in temperature so that many new energy vehicles owners do not have some distress. Because in many owners of the impression, the new energy vehicles mileage and driving safety will be affected by the weather, especially in the northern winter. But is this really the case?

New energy vehicles in the country are relatively new things, as if born natural black body, winter mileage weakened, battery safety problems and so on, so that it is always in the cusp of public opinion. Here we come to talk about those things new energy vehicles.
In Beijing, the purchase of pure electric vehicles not only enjoy the benefits of unlimited line number, but also enjoy national and local double subsidy, really let a large number of fuel car owners jealous. According to the latest data show that in 2016 the gradual growth of new energy vehicle market, July-September new energy vehicles maintained at around 30000 steady state, while in Beijing, BYD new energy vehicles sit tight in the position, followed by Beijing Automotive Not bad.

Beijing as a new energy vehicle market, the national benchmark, tens of thousands of new energy vehicle owners, the shuttle in the capital of the various rings. For pure electric vehicles, more than a hundred to three or four hundred of the mileage, to meet the daily commuter, short-distance travel needs. The majority of news reports and owners of Beijing test, but always lack of confidence in the mileage. After entering the winter in Beijing, these owners are always worried about the life cycle of pure electric vehicles and safety issues, has become the most enthusiastic "save" life of a group of people.

beijingThe same goods, witty consumers are more willing to choose the brand more reliable. In the field of new energy vehicles, is the same reason. In Beijing, in addition to some acclimatized Tesla, BYD and Beiqi considered on the list. Although now talk about "fight father" appears to be some OUT, but "by the strength of speech," this sentence, but always online.

Want to have enough mileage and battery safety, the natural choice of quality and reliable brand. To sales leader, and extremely ground gas BYD, the start by the battery business, and now with the best-selling global new energy vehicles, independent research and development and operation of the "cloud track", has become a world-renowned new energy sources at home and abroad leader. At the same time, the current domestic car prices and joint venture brands, BYD in the layout of the new energy vehicles is the most comprehensive model of the product force is also a leader in the ranks.
In addition to the development of powerful background, BYD in the field of batteries is a well-deserved NO.1. BYD's iron battery (manganese iron phosphate lithium battery) technology is the world's leading level. For example, BYD in a year to e6 battery life level increased from 300 km to 400 km, because the energy density of iron batteries to upgrade to 117 Wh / Kg. Compared to Tesla's ternary material, BYD lifepo4 battery technology in the density of comparable. And ternary material activity is high, easily lead to thermal runaway, and BYD iron lithium battery has a high voltage, high cycle life, high security and low cost and other advantages.

In addition, BYD in the field of pure electric also has a proud data: e6 taxi to 88 million km of bicycles, a total of 400 million km, K9 buses to 260,000 km cycling, a total of 75.25 million kilometers both maintain a world record. Professional production background and strong scientific research strength, a new energy vehicles BYD reliable quality assurance. Natural to give every consumer more peace of mind of the mileage and safety and security.
BYD Auto 2016 BYD e6

In short, for the average consumer, the purchase of pure electric vehicles is the most important mileage and safety mileage. Throughout the domestic hot several new energy vehicles, you can find BYD, Beiqi, and Geely Dorsett EV in mileage have a certain right to speak.

Beiqi pure electric cars, the longest mileage for the EU models, up to 260 km. Geely Dili EV operating mileage up to 253 km. Widely concerned about the BYD e6, comprehensive operating conditions, the electric range of up to 400 kilometers of electric, by consumers known as "power anxiety terminator." The other two strength go-getters: BYD Qin EV mileage 300 km, BYD e5 mileage of 305 km. Obviously, BYD several electric vehicles of the mileage is quite to force. For example, a Beijing-based office worker who drives 40-50 kilometers a day is only charged once a week if he drives a Qin EV or e5. If he is driving a BAIC EU or other brand electric cars, the minimum charge twice a week and above.

Industry professionals, to measure the range of pure electric vehicle mileage of the integrated conditions, which combines the urban traffic, suburban traffic, high-speed road conditions, there will be acceleration, deceleration, is a relatively close to the reality of the operating conditions, the industry once Said: BYD Qin EV and e5, e6 relative to other brand models, pay more attention to the real life mileage test, can be called a "true 300". And can be seen from the data comparison, BYD three pure electric in terms of official data, or in the minds of consumers, are deserving of the "leader."

For pure electric vehicles, in addition to mileage, consumers are most concerned about the safety of vehicles. The battery is called the pure electric car "heart", become the most important factor affecting safety. Although Tesla was taking a luxury electric car route, Model S had a serious fire hit the capital market confidence, when the founder of Elon Maske's personal wealth within two days of evaporation of 1.5 billion US dollars. This year many fire accidents, but also let Tesla become the target of public criticism.
Industry experts commented: "There are many reasons for the battery fire, but the end of the reasons are the battery thermal runaway, whether it is squeezing or puncture, the battery rapidly heating it can not afford to reach the temperature." BYD and Tesla batteries example. Currently on the market mainstream power lithium batteries are divided into three categories: lithium cobalt oxide batteries, lithium manganese oxide and lithium iron phosphate batteries. The report shows that lithium cobalt oxide battery in the most unstable at high temperatures, the temperature reached 180 degrees, the Tesla lithium cobalt oxide used in batteries will be broken down into oxygen, releasing a lot of heat and may lead to an explosion; BYD lithium iron phosphate to 600 Degree, the structure is still stable, will not release oxygen, with a high degree of security.

It is worth mentioning that this year, South Korea's Samsung Note7 frequent explosions, so that South Korea's battery safety as the focus of attention. Domestic new energy vehicles, in addition to BYD is used in self-developed battery, most of the brand new energy vehicles are used in South Korea battery. In October 29, BYD annual output of 10Hwh power lithium battery project, with an annual output of 20,000 tons of solar powered portable generator battery material production and recycling projects in Xining (national) Economic and Technological Development Zone Nanchuan Industrial Park and Haidong Integrated Economic Park Start, but also means that BYD will have more in the field of battery development and attainments, BYD new energy vehicles to bring more powerful "energy" support.

In addition to battery safety, body safety configuration for consumers is also particularly important. BYD e5 has a five-star safety collision body, can be described as "fully armed" to protect the safety of occupants. The e6 and Qin EV is also full of security: BYD e6 equipped with color reversing image, 6 airbags, 8 anti-power / collision automatic power-off and other comprehensive security; Qin EV not only equipped with 360-degree holographic image, also has championship chassis, 3H high-intensity all-round collision energy-absorbing safety body, reliable battery safety, perfect Kaopu security configuration, sufficient to maximize the safety of every driver who brought a sense of security!
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