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New Energy Vehicle Fire Accident Safety Issue

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-24 10:30:01
electric bus fireAccording to statistics, in the first six months, new energy vehicles there were 11 cases of fire accidents, the average monthly 1.83 cases. From the cause of the fire, due to short-circuit power distribution box, charging spontaneous combustion,lifePo4 batteries take the line of fault, wire aging, short circuit and fire incidents accounted battery inside the vehicle air conditioning system failure causes 55%.

The fire was ignited by the other vehicle accidents, ranked foreign body, fly line charge, unauthorized modification of vehicles and other external causes in 4 cases, accounting for 36%; accident cause of the fire yet disclosed one case.

Some experts said that the "new energy vehicles can reach a voltage of at least 200V, high can reach 500V ~ 600V, so a high-voltage system give security of electric vehicles bring great risks."

In fact, the automotive industry for high-voltage safety problems from the outset, given a lot of attention.

At present, the domestic new energy auto companies to have at least high voltage safety forty-five protective measures. Starting from monitoring battery cells, battery modules through the relay on the set, once the current and voltage instability, it will quickly blown. Meanwhile, the battery box of charging, equalizing, testing, temperature testing and other aspects of the five functions are given attention high-voltage safety.
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