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New Energy Vehicle Battery Recycling Management

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-12-03 10:54:46
To strengthen the new energy vehicle battery recycling management, standardize the development of the industry to promote comprehensive utilization of resources to protect the environment and human health, security and promote the sustainable development of new energy automotive industry, the Ministry of Industry has prepared a "new energy vehicle battery recycling Management Interim Measures "(draft).
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"13th Five-Year Plan" since the rapid development of new energy vehicles, most people refer to the new energy vehicles, can always say a long list of advantages, is certainly more advantages than disadvantages, but development will bring some problems.
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As we all know, the solar power batteries are pollution of waste materials, there is a certain threat to the environment. However, the current domestic waste battery recycling mechanism is imperfect, there is no clear rules for the use of battery recycling. With the new energy electric vehicles of the rapid development of the past, the problem of waste batteries will become increasingly prominent.
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"Interim Measures for the Management of Recycling and Utilization of Power Batteries for New Energy Vehicles" (draft for soliciting opinions) has divided the responsibilities for design, production and recycling, and put forward relevant measures and supervision and management system for comprehensive utilization of used batteries. The necessary violation of the provisions of the enterprises to implement severe punishment.
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