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New Energy Storage Station In Hunan

Author: Source: Datetime: 2019-02-02 12:27:38
After more than a month of hard work, recently, the first phase demonstration project of Changsha Battery Energy Storage Power Station, which was commissioned by State Grid Hunan Electric Power Research Institute, was successfully connected to the grid, marking the construction of a new energy storage station in Hunan. Miles. The energy storage power station has a total power of 24,000 kW and a total capacity of 48,000 kWh. It is currently the largest grid side energy storage system project in China.
New Energy Storage Station In Hunan
The Changsha Energy Storage Demonstration Project is a key project for power grid construction of Hunan Electric Power Corporation from 2018 to 2019. After the power storage power station is put into operation, it will play the role of peak-cutting, load response and black start. In order to ensure the high-quality operation of the Avoca Energy Storage Station, the State Grid Hunan Electric Power Research Institute dispatched the core technical backbone to form the “Dr. Ph.D.” party member service team and formulated a set of technical supervision plan for the whole process. Participate in the whole process including energy storage battery, battery management system (BMS), energy storage inverter (PCS), (EMS) and other energy storage equipment, factory supervision, factory joint adjustment, handover acceptance, single commissioning, sub-system debugging And system debugging, strict control of equipment performance and commissioning quality.

During the start-up of the project, the majors worked closely together and multi-prongedly, overcoming the adverse conditions such as the rain and snow climate and the harsh construction environment, and found more than 80 problems, which solved the problem of unqualified internal resistance of the battery, large network communication delay, and no control strategy. Reasonable and other major issues. In order to speed up the commissioning progress and complete the equipment debugging before the grid connection, the “Dr. Ph.D.” Party Member Service Team innovatively proposed the PCS tow debugging program, and completed the joint adjustment between the three systems by using the remaining battery power before the grid connection. Eliminate equipment system defects before the overall grid connection, and strive for a lot of time.
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