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Musko's Renewable Energy Program

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-01 15:20:45

Although Elon Musko's speech is not smooth, but this does not affect his vision of changing the world. His Mars migration program sounds a bit distant, but his renewable energy program may soon change the way people live. Beijing time on October 29, 2016, Maske Universal Studios in Los Angeles held a new conference, a comprehensive display of his renewable energy program, and revealed the secret weapon. In fact, Maske founded Tesla has been a mission, that is, to promote the world's renewable energy revolution.

Musko's speech

Solar power generatorhas become one of the paths of his most beloved renewable energy revolution, so he hopes the future will be this: there are devices that produce electricity through solar energy, devices that store electricity, and devices that use electricity.

Musko's speech in TESLA

Also in this conference, he took out a new secret weapon, while an existing weapon has been updated iteration.

Musko's feature he want

Yes, the new secret weapon is the solar tiles, a large number of solar tiles constitute the solar roof (Solar Roof); another updated weapon is the Tesla Powerwall (family power storage device), now came to the second generation ; And Tesla electric car has become an indispensable existence. The first two updates have become the absolute protagonist of this conference.

Maske hands of solar tiles

Maske hands of solar tiles, and all existing products is different, it directly to the solar panels and roof tiles together. In the solar panels covered with a layer of colored transparent film, and then covered with high-strength tempered glass as a protection. This layer of tempered glass exceeds the strength of all existing tile materials.

solar tiles

In addition, these solar tiles there is another big advantage - all the solar panels can only be seen from the top, because the mirror material, from the following is completely do not see the difference. So if you walk in the street, see the roof will not have any difference with the ordinary roof, but it does absorb solar energy for power generation.

At present, Tesla launched four different appearance of solar tiles, including polished style (Smooth), Italian Tuscan style (Tuscan), slate style (Slate) and fabric style (Textured). And in the conference site, around the house has been put on a different solar roof, the scene is as follows:
smooth glass the roof

tuscan glass tile roof

slate glass tile roof

textured glass tile roof

Musk said in his speech, the United States currently has 45 million new roof, look to the world, this figure will be 20 times larger. And as more and more roofs are being renovated, more and more people will be using solar roofs.

After the introduction of secret weapons, with the use of Powerwall is the second generation.

Musk speech in powerwall

Compared to Powerwall's first generation, Powerwall 2.0 has nearly doubled its performance with 14kWh of stored capacity and 5kW of rated output. It comes with an inverter (converts DC to AC) and is easy to install to ensure a two-bedroom The apartment is used for a full day and is currently priced at $ 5,500.

Official data show that the solar power battery can be installed indoors or outdoors, operating temperature between minus 20 to 50 degrees Celsius, weighing 110 kg, up to 9 parallel Powerwall.

A spacious house, coupled with a beautiful solar roof to generate electricity, a powerful Powerwall storage of electricity, cool Tesla electric cars can be charged through the Powerwall, the three become a beautiful blueprint for Maske elements, and a With a beautiful, affordable and highly integrated. Maske also hope that such a combination can be extended to more places as soon as possible.
Powerpack apply household

The conference, in addition to the above heavy release and update, Tesla also for large companies and even solar power plants, providing a special Powerpack system, the system of greater scalability.

Musk said in a speech, Tesla is currently Southern California Edison (Southern California Edison) to build the world's largest energy storage system, the completion of the Powerpack's maximum storage capacity will be up to 80MWh. In addition, they also plan for Kauai on the solar power station construction 52MWh battery pack.

Mske's plann Powerpack system

Maske for solar energy, electricity and other renewable energy can be seen, a series of actions are to prove this point. Including the design and manufacture of Tesla electric car, the acquisition of SolarCity, the construction of Gigafactory production of lithium-ion batteries like lifepo4 batteries and so on.

Whether it is the Mars Migration Program (SpaceX) or the Renewable Energy Revolution, Maske really wants to change the world and bring the world to the path of sustainable development. But the dream also need financial support, the current Tesla's capital situation is not optimistic.

Maybe we should give people who have the means to change the world more time.

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