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Musk And Solar City On Solar Energy

Author: Source: Datetime: 2017-01-04 14:25:19
Musk has successfully built Tesla into a "global first integrated sustainable energy company" capable of producing electricity on the roof, storing electrical energy at home (Powerwall electrical energy storage system), and consuming electricity from cars. Among them, SolarCity The role of electricity producers.
Musk And Solar City On Solar Energy
Even more exciting is: SolarCity solar roof will be cheaper than the normal roof, that is, the roof of your house but also for you to earn electricity!

Located in Buffalo, the $ 750 million solar plant will produce 1 billion-watt-efficient solar panels annually, making residential panels more attractive to homeowners.

In the vicinity of Lake Erie, an industrial park next to the Buffalo River is building the future of the solar industry. Solar City's large Buffalo, New York-based plant is nearing completion.

Soon after, will begin to produce some of the most efficient, economical and practical type of solar panels. The plant will have a capacity of 10,000 solar panels per day or a year with 1,000 megawatts of solar power, making it one of the largest solar cell production plants in North America and one of the largest solar cell production plants in the world. .

Solar City has become the leading residential solar panel installer in the United States. Solar City will become an integrated manufacturer and supplier of solar cells from the manufacturing to the roof installation. As the price of conventional silicon-based solar panels from China has been high, investing in new solar technology is a very dangerous undertaking. However, the potential benefits are enormous.
Musk And Solar City On Solar Energy
The key to the company's ambition is a technology. Solar City acquired in 2014 a small solar energy company - Cylon Power (Silevo), while access to this important technology.

In the late 1970s, Australian solar pioneer Martin Green invented the technology, which could improve the efficiency of solar panels to convert sunlight into electrical energy.

The factory is located at the former site of the former RepublicSteel plant near Buffalo city center

Solar City uses a deposition manufacturing process, the manufacture of batteries required for more than 20 or more steps to six steps. It also uses less expensive copper to replace one of the most expensive elements in conventional solar cells.

However, the performance difference between solar powered portable generator panels manufactured in small factories like the Solar City factory in Fremont, and solar panels produced in large plants like the Buffalo plant is very large. At the same time, due to the lack of production experience Solar City, expand production can be very difficult.

However, the real risk is the rapid development of solar technology: in the next three to five years, with the development of solar panel technology, now a record of the conversion efficiency of the panel at that time may seem very low. Shortly after Solar City demonstrated its high-efficiency panels in October 2015, rival Panasonic announced that its new solar panels could achieve a conversion efficiency of 22.5 percent.
Musk And Solar City On Solar Energy
At this point, the super-factory production of solar power generator panels and the production of conventional products in China today is no different. However, Solar City is willing to take on such a risk to achieve the Buffalo plant development aspirations. In the past 10 years, Silicon Valley has been through clever marketing and attractive financing conditions, so that residential solar energy has become a popular choice for many consumers. Now, it wants to change the solar manufacturing industry. Whether Solar City's plan will succeed or fail, it will once again promote the development of solar power.
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