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Multi Field Drive Battery Requirements

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-25 11:15:52

Soft package penetration in the field of 3C has exceeded 6 percent.


With the electronic products to small, intelligent, wearable direction, requires the battery should also have a small size, thin, flexible, and soft polymer lithium battery with its excellent overall performance, and non-toxic green Environmental protection advantages in the smart phones, tablet PCs, wearable devices and other consumer electronics products widely used, and the growth rate far more than the lithium battery industry average, such as Apple, Samsung, Huawei, millet, blackberry battery basic domestic electronic products have adopted a soft battery, and it can also be used in solar powered portable generator.


According to statistics, in 2015 the battery pack in the mobile phone batteries and laptop batteries 3C penetration of the two applications have reached more than 60%, while in 2009 the data were 10.7%, 7.6%, soft polymer lithium-ion battery for its Mainstream application form. (Ternary soft battery is soft battery in the field of new energy vehicles in the form of mainstream applications.)

With the trend of 3C market innovation, the further popularization of portable electronic products, wearable equipment, internet of things emerging markets emerging, these new products will make up for the advent of smart phones, notebook computer growth weak, the global demand for 3C batteries will appear A new round of growth.

The dynamic field will detonate a new round of soft bag demand.

According to CNESA statistics show that in 2015 the global electric vehicle production reached 54.9 million, an increase of nearly 31%, driving the global automotive power lithium-ion battery market reached 26.35GWh, an increase of more than doubled as the global lithium-ion battery industry growth Of the main driving force, and our portable solar power generator can also use the batteries.


Total holdings by 2020 target of more than 16 million, of which China plans to achieve the goal of 5 million by 2020, can be seen during the "thirteen" Energy vehicles in the field of lithium battery demand will show blowout situation.

More than 60% of the world's battery manufacturers use a square battery structure, on behalf of models including Mitsubishi iMiEV, BMW i3, Toyota Pruis, etc .; and Tesla Model S Panasonic 18650 LiFePO4 battery is the representative of cylindrical battery; The proportion of the battery is higher than the cylinder, on behalf of models are Nissan Leaf, GM Chevrolet Volt, BMW, as shown in Table 3, the main suppliers of AESC Japan, LG Chemical, A123 and so on.


In recent years, domestic, such as Dongfeng, Zotye, Beiqi new energy, BYD and other mainstream electric car enterprises have also started trying to pack power battery, the main suppliers are ATL, Fluoride, micro-macro power, China Aviation lithium, New energy, Shandong Hengyu, Suzhou-volume, and many other enterprises have begun to vigorously vote to build soft-pack power battery production line. We believe that with the development of battery line, soft package in the new energy automotive market penetration will continue to increase, the future is expected to more than 50%.

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