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Mozi Solar Aircraft First Flight Successfully

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-12-13 13:49:54
At sunrise, this team of nearly 20 people began to work. During the take-off preparation phase, the team tested subjects such as light energy conversion charging, multi-engine assembly, real-time condition monitoring of energy and motive assembly, autopilot function and multi-band data communication link. During this period, the aircraft also in the ground after about 3 hours of light charging, the solar photoelectric conversion efficiency of 19%. Mao Yeching revealed that from the solar powered portable generator cell to the engine, and then to the carbon-based composite materials, "Mozi" localization rate of 80%.
Mozi Solar Aircraft First Flight Successfully
It is understood that the first flight model by the Shanghai Aoke Aircraft Co., Ltd. led the project and research and development by the Shanghai Science and Technology Commission, the space professional space power supply Institute (811), Tongji University Aerospace and Mechanics Institute and China Aviation , Materials and other companies with the cooperation in the production and research cooperation in China's aviation industry-renowned experts, the Civil Aviation Administration of East China in the program to determine, process improvement, flight coordination also provides support. As a result of fully automatic flight mode, the aircraft produced in real time more than 10 types of flight data, need accurate and rapid collection analysis. Mao Yiqing said that in the domestic solar aircraft avionics systems, such as data processing chips, is also using foreign components, the next step will further verify the stability of its data communications reliability.

Jiefang Daily News reporter was informed that the Mozi solar aircraft in the next one to two years, the goal is to achieve commercial, the existing main direction for the "air base station relay" and "atmospheric vertical monitoring." Above the ground 1500 meters above the clouds, solar power generator aircraft can be smooth and uninterrupted use of light can be left blank, loading a variety of application equipment. At present, the aircraft payload of 7 kg, in addition to work outside the cabin, but also in the wing on the external load. The project team plans to test in the subsequent test subjects, the empty time, mobile data relay communication coverage of the unmanned area, as well as the height of the air acquisition and analysis and so on. According to reports, this project has been with the domestic communications infrastructure suppliers, local government meteorological environmental protection departments to reach cooperation intention. In addition, it is also in the field of disaster communications and other emergency communications security.
Mozi Solar Aircraft First Flight Successfully
In the international arena, "Sunshine Power II" manned aircraft to achieve a global flight, solar aircraft because of its energy-saving green sustainable, is becoming an important direction in the field of aircraft development, with the photoelectric conversion efficiency and new materials breakthroughs, increasingly Mature solar flight platform will have? Wide application market.
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