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Morocco development model is difficult to be replicated in other countries

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-14 14:17:01

At the edge of the Sahara Desert vast, snow covered mountains south of Atlas, Ouarzazate Noor thermal power generation installed 510MW Park in Morocco lies in the 160MW Noor1 power plant has been put into operation in the light of the sun shine, installed 200MW Noor2 and 150MW Noor3 project site is showing a busy scene...... In Arabic, Noor is the meaning of light, Noor light and heat power park is named after this.


This area is located in southern Morocco, is building a wildly beating gongs and drums is the world's largest solar power generator Noor. The first phase of the project Noor1 installed 160MW, the use of tank technology route, has been formally put into operation and the subsequent two grid; Noor2 project (200MW, trough) and Noor3 (150MW tower) power plant is also under intense construction, the three thermal power projects are equipped with molten salt heat storage system, including Noor1 project the heat storage time was 3 hours, Noor2 heat storage project length of 7 hours, the Noor3 project of thermal storage 8 hours, electricity will enough to meet the 1 million Morocco families produce overall after operation.

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As an extremely rich country, Morocco is the first choice for the development of the solar energy as the target of low carbon energy development is not surprising. But for many other African countries, although it is also facing pressure to respond to global climate change, but it is difficult for them to replicate the route of Morocco.


Prior to the kingdom of Marrakech in Morocco in the face of nearly 200 countries on behalf of the display of its Noor project, they said it was able to respond to global climate change, a project. "We hope that we can provide a source of inspiration for other countries. "Morocco Sustainable Energy Agency (Masen) chairman Bakkoury Mustapha told reporters on the Reuters. And the reality is that many African countries are working to promote economic growth in order to eliminate poverty, and then will seek a more green energy. And these countries are difficult to attract investors to the attention of green energy projects, as compared to suppress global climate change, floods, heat waves and drought and other threats seem more ferocious.

In addition, the Noor project huge installed, 1 million 500 thousand square meters area - mirror field accounted for about 200 of the size of a football field, and it is the struggle against the solar panel roof every family installed, it can make the distributed characteristics of power will be sent to each remote rural family to. It is reported that in the past five years, Kenya M-KOPASolar company has installed 400000 solar photovoltaic panels in East Africa, a single cost of only $200, these panels are for thousands of families to provide a bright. The main market of M-KOPASolar company in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda, its chief executive Jesse Moore pointed out that in Africa, 1 billion 200 million people, half live in dark night without lights, and bring the gospel to their distributed solar photovoltaic.


Comparison of fossil fuels, solar backup generator is not competitive in the economy, but as the first solar photovoltaic power generation price remains high but has fallen dramatically in recent years, this is the only way which must be passed the development of new technology. Unfortunately, in many people's concept, renewable energy can play a role is still stuck in a light bulb or illuminate a house, will not be the main force of the future electricity supply." Bakkoury says.

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"The special conditions in Morocco have determined that it is particularly suited to the development of large-scale light and heat projects, but this may not be applicable to other African countries." European Investment Bank (EIB) vice president Escolano Roman pointed out. In addition to good light resources, Morocco's relatively stable political environment in recent years, as well as the increasingly sophisticated legal and financial system is also an important factor in its appeal to investors. The European Union, including the European investment bank, provides about 60% of the financial support for the Noor project. Morocco sustainable energy department has just released the first batch of green bonds in Morocco for the NOOR project financing, financing the total amount of 106 million euros.


In addition, Morocco has a big advantage, unlike other desert areas, Morocco can get water from the Atlas mountains to help clean up the surface dust. The power grid in remote areas of the Sahara is not stable, and the energy storage advantages of the Noor project can make up for the instability of other renewable energy sources.

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Morocco plans to increase the supply of renewable energy from 28% to 58% by 2030, which means renewable energy sources such as wind and solar generator energy. In addition, Morocco also plans to expand optical thermal power station installed in other desert areas, is expected in 2020 its light and heat installed capacity will increase to 2GW, the total investment cost will be controlled at around $9 billion.

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