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More Storage Jobs In Germany

Author: Source: Datetime: 2018-04-06 12:36:33
According to data released last month, Germany’s solar power generator energy storage industry now has more than half of the country’s brown coal industry.

The annual report prepared by Bundesverband Energiespeicher or BVES was prepared in collaboration with consulting firm of the Energy Sector Advisory Group in Berlin and found that in 2017 the energy storage industry employed approximately 11,130 workers.
More Storage Jobs In Germany
In 2018, this figure will increase by 9% to about 12,140. According to Euacoal, the European Coal and Brown Coal Association, the German brown coal industry had about 20,740 direct and indirect workers in 2015.

BVES data shows that since the year of 2015, the number of people employed in the German household battery market has increased by 131%. The department is expected to employ 1,800 professionals this year.

More people are employed by industrial and utility-scale battery companies, although the growth rate in this area is relatively moderate, rising from 2250 in 2015 to 32200 this year.

The report also shows that in 2017, the German energy storage industry had sales of 4.6 billion euros (5.6 billion US dollars).

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