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Moixa Solar Plus Storage Product

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-16 17:32:27
moixaBattery-storage company Moixa has launched a domestic solar-plus-storage product that it says will help the housing association cut fuel poverty and reduce emissions and protect homes from rising energy costs.

The suite allows customers to benefit from the smart power revolution and claims to save £ 350 per year in electricity costs. It includes a 2kWh Moixa smart battery and a 2kW solar PV system, costing £ 4,995 to purchase and install.

Customers will also receive an annual payment of £ 50 to provide solar powered portable generator battery capacity through Moixa's grid-sharing aggregation platform - helping to balance demand and reduce the need for backup power for coal, oil and gas.

"We believe our solar and storage deal is a market-leading product," said Chris Wright, chief technology officer at Moixa in Birmingham's Clean Energy Live Show.

"It will protect customers from rising electricity prices and allow them to benefit from the smart power revolution by gaining smart tariffs and making money by supporting the development of reliable, cost-effective low-carbon power systems.

"We also hope it will provide a boost to the solar installation market, which has been cut in tariffs.

Moixa also expects customers' savings to increase over time, with electricity prices expected to rise 17 percent. In early 2012, the company installed smart batteries in social housing in several cities in London as part of a trial of solar photovoltaic Can help reduce bills and tackle fuel poverty.

"Solar plus storage is very interesting for the Camden Council," says Meric Apak, a Cabinet member of the Camden Department of Sustainable Development and the Environment. "Fuel poverty is a very serious problem that causes all ages and environments across the country People are damaged, and storing solar energy can be one of the ways to provide our tenants with significant savings to help alleviate this burden.

"This technology helps to achieve our environmental goals of green initiatives by actively reducing the carbon footprint of our homes.

Solar plus storage devices launched in October, can be used for any two-story house, a traditional sloping roof, easy access.
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