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Modularized And Pre-Installed Battery Energy Storage Power

Author: Source: Datetime: 2017-11-02 12:19:28
Modular pre installed battery energy storage station manufactured by Narada (Suzhou) Food Co., Ltd. has been put into operation recently. This is the first Chinese modular pre installed energy storage station.

The modular solar power batteries battery storage power station is located in Suzhou Sihai factory, with a size of 250KW / 1MWH, covers an area of 45 square meters, and the expected life expectancy is 10 years.
Modularized And Pre-Installed Battery Energy Storage Power
Narada has been exploring the new energy storage power station construction mode, this modular pre assembled energy storage station to fill the gap at home and abroad. The composition of the power plant by prefabricated base modules and prefabricated standard containers. The advantages of the power station are short construction period, controllable construction quality, saving the required area and cost, high reliability, strong expansibility, less service interface and harmony with the environment.

The commissioning work has been completed in the factory. It can operate in grid connected to.

The 20 foot prefabricated standard container and prefabricated foundation module are first carried out by modular pre installed battery energy storage station. After the completion of the power plant design, the factory began to install prefabricated basic module and prefabricated standard container construction. From the installation of prefabricated foundation to the positioning and hoisting of containers, the whole construction period is not more than one week.

Modular pre installed solar power generator battery energy storage station, through charging the system, reduce the peak load discharge on the main power grid, increase the non peak power consumption.
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