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Modern Electric Bus Plans To Produce In China

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-12-10 08:18:10
According to the South Korean media ET News reported that Hyundai Motor to prepare mass-produced electric buses, they will be equipped with two sets of 51kWh battery pack, a single charge mileage (parameters, pictures, inquiry) up to 100 km. According to reports, the Korean car manufacturer plans to start from 2017 to increase research and development of electric buses, the future will also be in the local market as well as mass production in China. Sources said that the modern electric bus battery will be produced by LG. Now, to say the largest electric car battery market players who, that non-LG and Panasonic must go.

The former to Chevy Bolt and start-up companies Faraday Future electric vehicles to provide lifepo4 battery pack, which is the Tesla's battery supplier.
Modern Electric Bus Plans To Produce In China
Hyundai's former sister company, Hyundai Heavy Industries, built the company's first commercial electric bus in 2010. But later, Hyundai Motor did not re-head mass production of electric buses, instead turned to the hydrogen fuel energy bus.

ET News pointed out that Hyundai Motor originally planned to begin mass production of electric buses in 2014, but because of market demand at that time decided to postpone. Thanks to the rapid development of Tesla, the past few years time, more and more consumers of electric vehicles of all ages. The modern return to the electric bus market this time shows that the attractiveness of these car manufacturers, they believe that the future of electric cars absolutely make money. Even a research company that, until 2026, the electric car market sales will exceed 100 billion US dollars.
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