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Mobile phone screen through sun can be charged

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-25 11:54:53

The day before the fifth session of the Chinese innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition (Dongguan Division) "win in Dongguan" science and technology innovation and entrepreneurship competition, in the branch of the International Information Industry Park, new energy and energy-saving environmental protection industry ushered in the final. In the end, by the Peking University Solarist team brought polarized solar power battery charging screen project won the first prize in the team, the scene to get a number of judges recognized.

 solar cellphone

As to the energy saving and environmental protection as the leading industrial park, Industrial Park Branch of the past year attracted dozens of related enterprises in the park, responsible person said, the project team and the award-winning, park in the follow-up will be willing to offer many free counseling and services for the development of incubator.


Equipped with a transparent solar cell to meet the charging at any time


After the semi-finals, semi-finals of the layers of selection, on the night of the final total of 7 enterprise group and team start-ups, 7 entrepreneurs to show their entrepreneurial dreams, strong guidance from the more than and 10 business mentor group members. Finally, the proton exchange membrane (PEM) water electrolysis system technology, solar battery charging polarization in intelligent mobile phone screen application respectively in the enterprise group, the team won first prize, won the 300 thousand prize.


"A lot of people think mobile phone charge is very important, we think, can use solar energy to solve or part to solve the problem of mobile phone energy supply?" On the night of the final, by the Peking University talent as the core of the Solarist team brings a high-profile innovation project, according to team leader Wang Qi introduced, according to the solar mobile phone charging project, Peking University School of physics developed a polarized solar battery charging screen, its like a small solar generator. The technology makes use of special organic matter and technology to produce light transparent solar cells, which makes the mobile phone screen display and charging function simultaneously.


"To give a simple example, the sun light ideal circumstances, the charging screen can be filled with iPhone6s in 9 hours." Wang Qi said that the technology pioneered by the Institute of physics, Peking University, the research and development work by Gan Zizhao, such as the expert guidance. Our team by Ding Xiongjie, Wang Qi and other leaders of Peking University, personnel structure is reasonable, with rich experience in R & D and production management. The team is relying on the Dongguan Institute of physics, Beijing University of science and technology, and has a sound scientific research conditions and technical support.

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According to his introduction, the technology uses low-cost organic matter as the main raw material, and is expected to adopt the way of printing to achieve mass production. This product has a huge market capacity, in addition to the mobile phone screen, you can also expand to other intelligent terminals and green building and other fields. After the completion of the development of products. Can be promoted through different channels, such as mobile phone manufacturers and LCD panel manufacturers. 


Wang Qi further revealed that the project plans to come up with 20% of the equity financing of 2 million yuan, the financing is mainly used for product R & D to improve and carry out small batch of pilot. After the completion of the above work, they will carry out the second round of financing.

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