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Mobile Phone Charging Five General Skills

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-27 15:42:19

At present, people use mobile phones, energy density is generally in the 560-580Wh / L range, while the battery capacity is limited to 2500-3000mAh or so, that is, the charging frequency of a day or two full charge, no matter your phone is iphone Or Huawei, millet charging common skills to save each lithium-ion battery.


50% is a "Kaner"


Before we use the cell phone is a nickel battery, the battery should be used to 20% or less to go full will be better, this concept has been affecting us. For lithium-ion batteries now, if the battery fell to 20% or even automatic shutdown, but will be some damage to the battery. If you always charge when the phone power consumption, then no doubt it reduces the battery life cycle. Therefore, the battery charge power should be as much as possible to maintain more than 50% of the electricity, and less than 50% of the charge should be charged, the same as LiFePO4 batteries.


Do not "feed" too full


Bedtime charge is believed to be something everyone will do. You may not know that if the battery is full, still continue to charge, will cause a slight decline in battery performance, a long time so will cause significant impact.


Afraid of heat

At an average temperature of 0 ° C, a lithium battery will lose 6% of the maximum capacitance per year, while the loss increases with increasing temperature. Such as the average temperature of 25 ℃, the maximum capacitance loss rate will increase by 25%. The average temperature of 40 ℃, will add 35%.


Never lower to zero


When the lithium battery power is really to 0, it will appear unstable, and even charge the state of danger. So never use your battery power lower to zero, the same as when you use lithium batteries in solar powered portable generator.


Try to avoid fast charging


Some phones have a quick charge setting that allows you to charge at least 50% of the power in half an hour. But this is actually very hurt lithium-ion battery, which in low-speed, constant-speed charging state is the most longevity.


Only in accordance with the correct method of charging, in order to maintain the health of the phone "longevity", and can continue to fight for your service! This is also important when use portable solar power generator.

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