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Mobile Fast Charge, Really is Rigid Demand?

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-10 09:53:50

"Charge five minutes, call two hours," I believe we will not be familiar with this ad language, the realization of this scenario, may rely on the rapid charge OPPO - VOOC flash charge. But fast-charging technology has been bland, does fast-charging station is the wrong "battle camp"? It’s not sure the fast-charging technology whether it can be used in solar powered portable generator.


Phone charge is a charge from the high-voltage charger to the process of low-voltage battery input, from this point of view, the industry can quickly find out the two ways to charge the phone, first raise the voltage, but this will make the phone charging Greatly increased heat, speed up the battery aging, and even bring security risks.


Another way is to increase the current, compared with high voltage charging, low-voltage high-current way to better protect the mobile phone charging security, OPPO VOOC flash charge is used in this method. 

fast-charging technology

It is reported that, with the VOOC flash technology, OPPO mobile phone charging 5 minutes after the power can reach 10% to 20% level, and mobile phone power consumption rate, the relevant test shows, OPPO two hours of power consumption rate of about 12% , So point of view, OPPO is emboldened to play "charging 5 minutes, two hours of call" slogan.


As smart phones continue to improve computing power, enhance mobile phone graphics performance, increase the screen resolution, battery consumption has become faster and faster, but the phone lithium battery life is long stretched state, so fast charge technology should be shipped and health. LifePo4 battery pack is also a kind of lithium battery.


However, the problem comes, fast charging technology for mobile phone users, is just a need? Mobile power market flooding in the context of fast-charging technology for mobile phones and consumers only play the role of icing on the cake. 

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