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Mini Electric Car Standards Development New Progress

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-07 09:15:25

standardsMini electric car standards development work made new progress. Industry sources, a few days ago Deputy Prime Minister Mackay has put the industry standard instructions to the Ministry of Industry, urged the industry standard work accelerated.

Chinese Academy of Engineering Yang Yusheng noted that micro-electric car market is vast, 10 million holdings entirely possible to achieve industry standardization management just around the corner.

China's new energy battery leading enterprises --- day to power, relying on a strong R & D strength and brand reputation, in 2015, continued to maintain Chinese micro-electric car lifepo4 batteries market ahead, the market share as high as 58%. 1986 founding date, day to power in the battery industry, the technological revolution, the development of Chinese electric vehicle industry has made outstanding contributions.

In the demonstration at the 2016 R & D projects, day to power higher than for mini electric car battery can be complex from home and abroad set off a lively discussion of more than a hundred experts. Yang Yang Yusheng academicians also said that the existing product performance and innovative R & D is the day can continue to do things that traditional industries can also be high-end.

According to Ipsos latest industry reports strong growth in micro-electric car, the next five-year compound growth up to 45%, by 2020 the holdings over 6 million. Meanwhile, the scale of demand on the battery more than 20 billion yuan.

Chairman Zhang Tian day to power the Board of Directors, said day can continue Lianhaoneigong create better battery, better enhance the reputation, perfect and attentive service; at the same time, and the community together to continue to promote and improve national policies and standards for the health of the Chinese electric vehicle industry's contribution to sustainable development modest.
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