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Military And Civilian Cooperation On Energy Storage Technology

Author: Source: Datetime: 2017-04-11 15:02:57
Sheng Shengtai (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. Chairman Chen Shengjun 11 guest Xinhua, during the meeting, Chen Shengjun that energy-saving technology in the integration of military and civilian army, people join the army, military and civilian cooperation and other areas promising.

Chen Shengjun introduction, the military field first pursuit of performance, civil areas to consider more costs, and ultimately the two will be in technology and cost to achieve a balance. On this basis, the civilian to promote the cost of decline, thus ensuring the military to expand and promote the final. Military protection of the technology can be achieved, which led the technology in the military and civilian use. A lot of technology, often the military first, civilian promotion, and then led to the promotion of the military.
Military And Civilian Cooperation On Energy Storage Technology
 From the solar power batteries energy storage technology in the military, people can see the field. "According to Chen Shengjun, the development of energy storage technology, military and civilian is basically a synchronization phase, especially in the past 20 years, the rise of new technologies, such as lithium batteries (such as lithium batteries), the use of energy storage technology, , Super capacitor, fuel cell, flywheel technology and so on are civil first, in the field of civilian technology to make the prototype, and then really put into the use of military products, that is, "people join the army." Once the military has been mature application, to determine the technology is mature and feasible, they can be put into industrial applications, that is, "military to people." The rapid development of the final industry to bring the integration of military and civilian, civil cost and efficiency advantages to protect the use of military products, thereby enhancing the effectiveness of products in military efficiency and efficiency.

Chen Shengjun also bluntly, from the energy subsidies of a number of subsidies can be seen in the current cost factors in civilian products is still prominent, but some of the technology in the military has a mature application. He hoped that the energy-saving technology, which is already in the commercial stage, will be able to reduce costs during the period of "military transfer". "From this stage we will begin to focus on the integration of military and civilian" Chen Shengjun said that the combination of technology and military products, The cost and efficiency of the increase. "Energy storage from the ideal point of view is a military high-performance, civil low-cost, military and civilian integration led a high cost of low-cost products." Chen Shengjun concluded.

Chen Shengjun envisaged that the future of energy storage equipment in the field of electric vehicle charging technology mature, can be extended to the military field, to create energy storage combat equipment. This is similar to the evolution of mobile phones, today's mobile phone computing power has been far more than a decade ago or even twenty years ago, a server or minicomputer computing power. In the vision of the integration of military and civilian, he suggested that civilian goods in the promotion of some demand to reduce the cost, miniaturization, easy to carry, and finally will promote a more information on the realization of the operational form, but also led to more rapid development of military products. At present, military equipment is gradually driven by the direction of the development of electricity, and gradually out of mechanization, information technology, information technology, electric drive equipment has become a trend, and all the electricity are inseparable from the protection and supply of electricity.

Chen Shengjun said that energy storage technology will be in the future military field will play a major role, military and civilian integration is to promote the rapid development of energy storage technology is an effective and feasible way.
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