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Micro-energy Network and The Difference Between Traditional Power Grid

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-08 16:15:36
National energy and foreign energy compared to two very important features:

One of the features is the structure of energy, coal-based, and foreign developed countries compared to the structure is backward. 70% of the energy structure of our level in Europe and the United States and Japan's developed countries is in the last century 50's level. Now after the early 21st century, we statistics, foreign countries, especially Europe and the United States, coal, oil, natural gas accounted for about the proportion of each 1/3, and we are still dominated by coal-based structure. This has resulted in the haze that we see today. The carbon dioxide emissions from coal are higher than those from gas or other sources of energy, so this is the first feature of our country's energy structure.

The second feature is the irrational energy distribution, energy distribution in the west, the load center is in the east. For example, with electricity, coal bases in Inner Mongolia, Shanxi, Gansu, Xinjiang, hydropower resources in the southwest, Lancang River, the upper reaches of the Yangtze River, Yarlung Zangbo, Three Gorges, load center in the east. So this caused a very unreasonable distribution of energy, resulting in a pattern of West to East. And from the regional grid structure to consider, each regional power grid is basically the West to the East, or the layout of the West to East, which caused us to long-distance energy transmission to the eastern solar power generator.

From the power we have statistics, about 2/3 of the load is concentrated in the eastern region, and 2/3 of energy in the western region, 1/3 of the energy from the west to the east. It is for this reason that we have to consider the local energy consumption, local production, so our country released a plan, by 2020 the proportion of distributed energy greatly increased, mainly photovoltaic, small hydropower, micro Natural gas, wind power and other distributed energy sources.
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Now put forward a question, is how to face a wide range of access to distributed energy, solar energy, wind energy, how to control.

How to meet the requirements of distributed energy on reliability, a variety of power services requirements? One very important aspect is the micro-energy network, we gradually transition from the micro-energy network to the micro-energy network and the energy of the Internet. One of the main differences between the micro-energy grid and the traditional grid is that the micro-energy network can digest and balance the distributed energy sources in situ, and also exchange energy with the large power grid. Therefore, the internal control and related protection technology , And the large grid compared to some of the corresponding differences.

For example, large power grid is mainly one-way flow, simple interaction, from the power plant through the transmission line to the user, and micro-grid is the internal cycle, it is two-way operation. Users and the power grid can exchange energy between the two-way flow is active interaction, which is the nature of micro-grid and the traditional grid difference.

If the micro-grid control well, the big power grid has a relatively large supporting role. For example, large power grid failure, micro-grid can provide power supply reliability, we can more and better consumption of new energy and renewable energy, lower power supply costs. Within the micro-grid can enhance the efficiency of renewable energy, especially when a variety of complementary energy, to improve the efficiency of renewable energy play a role. Can provide large-scale power grid-related ancillary services, such as FM, voltage regulation services, micro-grid through internal control measures, the corresponding indicators can be processed.

Microgrids have several key key technologies:

The first is micro-grid internal distributed generation control technology, micro-grid energy is not a complete definition, from tens of kilowatts to tens of megawatts, so the operating mode to be flexible, distributed power to ensure timeliness and Environmental protection.

The second is the control and protection technology, the micro-grid distributed power supply in the user side, so the traditional control and protection of the past some of the technology does not meet the micro-grid situation, in this regard we have done a lot of work.

The third is the energy storage technology of microgrids. As our energy storage costs are gradually reduced, energy storage plays a very important role in regulating the fluctuation of peak-valley difference in the distribution of renewable energy. Therefore, The reason why energy storage itself is not widely used, mainly economic performance is low. With the decline of energy storage cost and the maturity of energy storage technology, it plays a very important role in stabilizing the fluctuation of renewable energy, improving the economy and flexibility, which is one of the key technologies.

The fourth is micro-grid energy management technology, how to manage distributed energy, how to manage the various types of micro-grid load regulation can be very good coordination of the operation is very important, it is a very important role in energy management.

The fifth is how to coordinate and control when the micro-network is formed between the micro-networks. This is also a key technology in the micro-grid. Micro-grid technology in foreign countries, for example, in Lyon, France formed a dozen micro-grid group, micro-grid group between the coordinated control and complementary operation, which is one of the key technologies.

In the micro-grid in this regard we also assume the IEC three international standard-setting, IEC standard China-led only 0.3%, micro-grid standards are three international standards led by us, and we assume the two domestic Energy Board team Standard, but also the micro-grid standards.

Access to microgrids can cause radi- ous changes in the distribution system, such as a network that transforms a distribution network from a traditional one-way radiation network to a two-way flow-based network, where the distribution operation changes and Active network, so the operation, protection and control methods will have a great change. In addition the user side, itself flexible operation within the micro-grid, the user load and management methods will change.
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Through the construction of micro-grid, we can supplement the shortage of investment in large-scale power grids. Through the construction of distributed energy and micro-grid itself, we can reduce the demand for power distribution system and reduce or reduce the investment of distribution network.

In addition to more complementary micro-energy network, just Feng Dong, vice chairman also introduced, we are now studying micro-grid process also found that a variety of energy complementary, especially the user side, water, electricity, gas complementary energy, Will have a far-reaching impact on the final pattern of the electricity market in the future.

In other words, the user and the power will form a certain relationship, you can purchase electricity to the distribution network, you can also sell the relevant power, so participation efficiency is greatly improved, the competition will be more intense.

From the micro-grid to the gradual transition to an integrated energy network or micro-energy network, and the subsequent energy Internet, the concept of energy Internet, we can broadly divided into two categories.

It is a transnational, trans-regional, ultra-high-pressure and ultra-high-voltage backbone network, with the main purpose of large-scale transportation of renewable energy, to achieve transnational, transcontinental, inter-continental Regional large-scale energy base renewable energy what, transmission, trading. Therefore, wide-area global energy Internet, with wide-area resource allocation and demand adjustment ability, is an important means to solve the sustainable supply of renewable energy.

We are now studying the local, regional, park or cross-park distribution network as the core link, the purpose is to absorb the distributed renewable energy, through a variety of technologies to achieve a variety of energy efficient use of multiple The main body of the energy involved in the Internet, which is different types of energy the concept of the Internet. Our micro-energy network belongs to the second category.

Through the expert seminar, the energy of the Internet to a relatively reasonable definition: the Internet concept to build a new information and energy integration of the network to smart grid-based architecture, the integration of heat, cold, gas and other Energy forms an intelligent energy network that enables a wide range of distributed energy access and market-oriented transactions to maximize the use of clean, low-carbon renewable energy sources to achieve clean, efficient, convenient and sustainable use of energy, User diversification needs.So we could see many family use solar portable battery generator system.

Integrated energy, water, gas, cold, heat a wide range of energy, while consumption in terms of the commercial, industrial load, residential load, through the energy barrier control and optimization control means, through its information control to achieve energy exchange.

In accordance with the Internet at the grass-roots level, there are infrastructure layer, including pipes, sensors, and then the communication layer, through the final form of a data communication resources. Such a data resource finally forms an interactive service layer, which is formed from the level of such a concept, and finally through policy guidance to achieve the energy Internet or micro-energy network efficient, reliable and economical operation.

This is the basic structure of the energy Internet, from the supply side, including the controllable, adjustable large power grid resources, including networking or can be run small island of micro-energy network, in the micro-energy network, including water, electricity, gas Resource optimization, through the flow of information and energy flow, through such services to serve users. Users can use the side of the multi-minute type of user characteristics, curves, consumption characteristics are not the same. Micro-energy network in this digestion process, can provide effective coordination and control, so that energy supply side and energy side balance.
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One of the most important technical means is that we can control the energy and load of the park through the integrated energy management platform: energy flow, information flow, business flow, maximum development and utilization of renewable energy, improve it The use of efficiency, the development of energy-related Internet some of the technical measures of the time some of the practices.

This information-aware platform we divided into several categories:

1. First of all, the bottom of the Internet energy equipment and user operation of the state, through the three-dimensional information sensing system collected up to achieve the electricity, heat, gas, traffic, users, weather and a variety of production scheduling a full range of monitoring collection, Get a complete park, across the park micro-energy network data information, which depends on the intelligent acquisition system.

2. Intelligent communication and information systems, especially in the last mile when the means of communication is diversified, in the last mile means are diverse, including microwave, carrier, public network, etc. constitute an information system.

3. Energy and load forecasting, accurate prediction of accurate, accurate management of energy and efficient use of a very important prerequisite. Which we predict a lot of methods, including our accumulation of historical data, through different prediction model algorithm to get some results. Especially after the release of the transmission side of the market, forecasting is even more important. We all know that direct supply, requiring forecast accuracy between 95% -105%, the forecast error can not exceed 5%. If the forecast of electricity less than 5%, for example, 95% or less, this time the market will have punitive measures. If you are higher than 105, you no longer enjoy the policy of large users direct supply, so the forecast is very important, energy and load forecasting and energy forecasting.

4. Multi-energy optimization scheduling. In addition to electricity as well as natural gas, heat, water, park energy Internet complementarity can form optimization, is this scheduling. In the process of energy optimization, the relevant optimization algorithm and management algorithm are integrated to control the energy storage and load shape of the distributed energy. There are various methods to optimize the scheduling, which are two kinds of algorithms, hierarchical and distributed. In multi-energy optimal scheduling, in order to ensure safe and reliable operation, intelligent protection and control is also critical.Energy storage is very important lifepo4 battery pack used for most solar storage battery system.

5. Demand side response. How can the user interact with the power supply and the power generation side? We have a requirements response strategy and an associated framework.

6. Advanced application services. Energy services, how to help users save energy, analyze energy consumption and pollutant emissions, conduct energy efficiency diagnosis and related statistics. There are user-customized services, the future micro-energy network and the energy of the Internet should be one-on-one customization services to achieve high-quality level of competition. As well as the grid auxiliary services, it is important that FM, air conditioning services, power grid failure should have a corresponding spare.

This is the general framework of the entire energy Internet management platform, from intelligent decision-making, intelligent control and related applications to achieve the optimization of energy Internet regulation.

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