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Micro-Grid Blowout Development

Author: Source: Datetime: 2017-01-02 20:08:04
The rapid development of new energy sources in China and the power distribution side of a large number of micro-grid development is expected in the urbanization process, the micro-grid will have a blowout. And each micro-grid must be equipped with a sufficient capacity, no secondary pollution, with a long life cycle of the energy storage unit. This is of great significance for improving the utilization of new portable solar power generator energy sources in the country and significantly reducing the emission of CO2 and all respirable suspended particulates. The promotion of innovative energy storage technology, which is compatible with China's urbanization process, should be indispensable for the construction of livable towns and blue-sky countries.

Within a region, the power generated by at least one clean energy power generation unit (such as small hydropower, wind power, photovoltaic, biomass, etc.) and an energy storage unit is mainly used for the Power supply system, can be called micro-grid (in MG) (Figure 1).
Micro-Grid Blowout Development
2) Strictly realize the zero discharge of CO2 and other pollutants; 3) The electric energy is mainly used for self-use in the district, the insufficient or excess electricity and the external power supply are different from the others. Grid intermodulation; 4) the total installed capacity is generally not more than double-digit megawatt level, that is, it is a class of step-by-step with the power grid.

An unmanned microgrid with self-optimizability is called an intelligent microgrid (represented by SMG) (Figure 2).

Intelligent micro-grid must have a real-time collection of state data and optimize the control system, so that it can automatically approach the safe operation and maximize the benefits of the target. That is, the smart micro-network must be equipped with a state of self-sensing unit and self-control unit. So in essence, a smart micro-network is a ground unmanned robot system.

Smart microgrids have the following characteristics: 1) All characteristics of microgrids, especially zero emissions. 2) Automatic power generation, storage, self-use and external power distribution network with the external power of self-optimization ability. 3) Micro-grid internal protection system to achieve optimal configuration, the optimization indicators for the equipment failure time and the average micro-grid full-time blackout minimization. 4) The control system can realize the minimization of disturbances between the micro-grid and the external distribution network "grid" and "off-grid".
Micro-Grid Blowout Development
China's urbanization process will produce hundreds of thousands of new small towns, each town should be built several such micro-grid, so in the future to build is not a simple smart microgrid, but the smart micro-grid group.

(N> 1) smart microgrid is called a smart microgrid group by a unified smart grid not connected to a 110kV voltage level line. If the microgrid has m endpoints connected to an external distribution network, the condition m

A microgrid group is called the smart group of microgrids (SGMG) if it can realize the OPF (Optimized Power Flow) with the maximization of benefit and security.

Imagine if each built a micro-grid on a separate increase in a transformer and circuit breaker connected with the external distribution network, there will be a large number of transformers almost no-load operation throughout the year, in vain increase the low-voltage side of the network loss. 
Micro-Grid Blowout Development
A livable city or town, the residents need not only electricity, but the summer to be cold, warm winter needs. To electric refrigeration (conventional air conditioning) is not economic, coal to heating, should be strictly prohibited. China should invent a new type of energy storage system, which can be used to generate electricity from electricity and heat, but also to heat and cool. In the high-tech development zone in Wuhu City has built a set of 500kW capacity set of supply of electricity, hot water and cold as one of the "triple" system can generate 450kW & dot; h, covering 3850m2 heating area (about 50 households) . Summer day for 300 m2 of shopping malls, office buildings or 3 ℃ cold air. If the energy storage unit in the smart microgrid uses the above-mentioned compressed air energy storage technology to replace the conventional battery energy storage unit, this kind of intelligent microgrid group becomes the "intelligent micro-energy network group".

Whether microgrid or smart microgrid, or smart microgrid group, are inseparable from a unit, that energy storage unit. Since the 12th Five-Year Plan, China has vigorously developed renewable energy such as wind power and solar power batteries energy. However, due to its random fluctuation and even intermittent output power, China lacks high response speed and large-capacity energy storage equipment and self- So a large number of renewable energy is difficult to be effectively used. Now the country has about 100 million kW of wind power installed capacity, ranking first in the world, but the average annual fan utilization hours is still less than 2000h, China's first type of light area abandonment rate of 25% to 30%.

Abandoned the wind, abandoned light serious. The new energy revolution, the need to reform the energy waste of life, the most important moment is the development of wind power and photovoltaic power generation capacity to match the energy storage system. There are many types of energy storage technology, such as electrochemical energy storage and mechanical and electrical energy storage. According to the International Energy Agency statistics in 2014, the current pumped storage capacity of the vast majority, with supplementary energy storage of compressed air followed, both of which are electromechanical energy storage type.

Compressed air energy storage technology is to abandon the light, abandon the wind, abandoned water (small hydropower stations) or low power through multi-stage compression to convert electrical energy into the molecular potential energy stored in the pressure storage space to be generated by the release of high pressure air, Into the gas turbine driven power generation units. The large-scale compressed air energy storage is of great significance to the new energy sources, such as the fluctuation of the power of the wind power plant, the peak load and the increase of the active and reactive power reserve of the power system. And its service life cycle of more than 40 years, no post-secondary pollution problems. The unit kilowatt investment and pumped storage power station quite.

At present the world compressed air energy storage technology is divided into supplementary combustion and non-supplemented combustion two categories. The international has been used is a supplementary combustion, such as Germany and the United States. The so-called supplementary combustion compressed air energy storage is still burning natural gas in order to improve its efficiency, it is essentially to improve the efficiency of the gas turbine, its main energy consumption is still fossil fuels, natural gas, so the energy storage does not meet China's commitment To reduce carbon emissions in the national conditions.
households with solar power generation system
State Grid Corporation of China in October 2012 with Tsinghua University Department of Electrical Engineering and Applied Electronics Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Physical and Chemical Technology, Shanghai Electric Group and China EPRI launched a non-combustion compressed air energy demonstration project 4). The project was in April 2015 to 500kW non-combustion compressed air energy storage power generation system was completed, the indicators reached the contract requirements by the acceptance, and by five Chinese invention patent admissibility and a US invention patent accepted and succeeded .

The development of the intelligent micro-energy network cluster is in line with the process of China's urbanization. It is an irreplaceable advantage to meet the energy needs of new towns without bringing pollution, it is a new direction of development.

The development of intelligent microgrid group is inseparable from the development of energy storage technology and energy storage project.

Compressed air energy storage as China's independent innovation of new energy storage technology, to reduce the wind, abandoned light and abandoned small hydropower energy is of great significance. Imagine as long as the promotion of the use of this innovative technology, the current utilization of wind power increased by 10%, which is a zero-kilowatt-class zero-emission power plant. And the power plant can be realized for the triple cold, energy storage system is the most mature technology and the most efficient energy storage system. Equipment localization rate of 100%.

At present, the compressed air energy storage technology already has the market conditions, the urgent need for government departments in the operation mode and price policy to support. The relevant government departments to develop the new technology into the productivity of the electricity price policy, making the waste, low-grade electricity (waste and low electricity) and high-grade electricity prices are a reasonable distinction. In addition to the first 50MW pilot demonstration projects need to have the appropriate amount of financial support, the promotion of this technology does not require substantial government funding, as long as the development of a reasonable policy, there will be sufficient capital to enter, and ultimately the formation of large productive forces.

It is proposed to promote the application of independent innovation technology which can greatly improve the utilization rate of new energy and reduce the carbon emission. After the success of Jintan 50MW Compressed-air Power Station as a pilot project, the project will be promoted vigorously, Five "plan.
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