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Meyer Burger Provides Solar Panel For Swiss

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-10 14:09:00
solar panelSwiss Krono used for construction of high-performance solar cell module of the Swiss Meyer Burger had some decorative appearance looks very beautiful.

The latest installation to Switzerland door Cinaokenuo building facades solar glass solar cell module is absolutely no affect the appearance, and in fact the building exterior looks very nice, and can supply carbon-free energy.

Meyer Burger is famous for its manufacturing equipment, also produces a number of high-performance solar powered protable generator solar cell module, the latest products to be used in Switzerland in the door Cinaokenuo building solar facades. This glass component uses some of Meyer Burger innovative technological processes, including coating and PERC SmartWire connection technology.

This building floor all the walls using a total of 406 solar panels are located Thun Meyer Burger technology products research and development center. The total system capacity is 103KWp.

Meyer Burger in Publicity noted that this project demonstrates solar component can be a decorative building exterior decorative elements. Building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) in Switzerland was very successful. One success story is the last Emirate Insolaire project using a three-color solar panels.
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