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Mercedes-Benz Large Energy Storage Plant

Author: Source: Datetime: 2018-06-18 12:23:50
Daimler's subsidiaries, Mercedes-Benz Energy and its partners, are turning coal-fired power plants into large-scale energy storage facilities through more than 1,000 modules of electric vehicle battery packs.

Like Tesla and its "Tesla Energy" division, Mercedes-Benz used its experience in electric vehicle battery packs for fixed energy storage projects. Daimler created a subsidiary called "Mercedes-Benz Energy" and launched several projects. One of the projects is a residential battery pack that competes with Tesla's Powerwall.
Mercedes-Benz Large Energy Storage Plant
Earlier this year, Mercedes-Benz Energy admitted that their products were too expensive and over-engineered in their applications before suspending the project. Although the company left the residential energy market, it is still undertaking a larger-scale project.

Mercedes-Benz Energy today demonstrated its latest projects, including a storage energy project that has transformed the Elverlingsen thermal power station through a total of 1920 battery modules. The power station was built in 1912 and Recently closed.
Mercedes-Benz Large Energy Storage Plant 00
Daimler talked about the significance of the project's site selection: “Our large-scale energy storage equipment is an epoch mark for the way energy storage and use are: Eliminating outdated grid supply and continuing to develop electric power that can help reduce CO2 emissions. Car value chain extension."
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