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Maxim Solar Panel Optimizer Integrated DC-DC Converter

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-10 11:02:50
MaximMaxim solar panel optimizer highly integrated DC-DC converter, an alternative to traditional bypass diodes and achieve the maximum power point of PV modules inside track (MPPT). By replacing each diode MPPT devices, eliminating the switching response inconsistent; each panel are provided to ensure that the maximum power, and does not affect the power generation performance of other components, which enhance the flexibility can lead to higher power generation; but also eliminates the negative effects of module mismatch, degradation, corrosion, partial shade as well as inter-row occlusion caused by such factors.
As the industry's leading integrated power supply manufacturer, Maxim solar powered protable generator solar panels optimizer pioneered integrated power IC with MPPT function, and embedded within the PV module.

The main advantage
Higher energy collection efficiency: the use of advanced technology to slow shadow loss with a 30% increase compared to the diode structure power.
Higher reliability: eliminate hot spots effect, the power degradation effects to a minimum.
More flexible design: the high degree of flexibility to allow multiple panels, and more to combination and allow the module to extend a partial shadow.
Easier operation: fully integrated solution greatly simplifies design, without any additional hardware, special inverter device or data services.
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