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Matsushita Developed Repeated Bending Lithium Battery

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-01 15:03:04
repeated bending lithium batteryAccording to "Japan Economic News" website reported that Japan's Matsushita said on the 29th, the company developed a repeated bending of the lithium battery. Samples will be available in October after the "smart clothing" or wearable equipment in the form of power supply shipments, is expected to put into mass production in 2018. Can bend the battery Currently in the watch in the application, but can repeatedly bend and deformation of the battery is the first time come out.

Which improved the battery before the resin and aluminum alloy and other external materials, and the internal electrode and separator overlap, the thickness of only 0.55mm. In the experiment, the battery after 1,000 bending capacity is still not reduced. The intelligent clothing needs is precisely this easy to bend, high durability battery. We are not sure about the material are lifePo4 batteries or not yet.
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