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Maske Equip solar energy for all the roof

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-01 14:06:13

October 29, Mars boy, overbearing President Elon Masco issued a solar roof (SolarRoof), this product is actually very simple to say, is the same as the roof of the solar panels in solar power generator, play the role of energy conversion, one should go Mars people, how also released such a "pediatric" thing?


In fact, since Musk will integrate its business when we can see that his ambition lies in the sustainable development of energy, Tesla is only part of the strategy, and SolarRoof let it all form a closed loop.


Tesla has been accused of energy "is not environmentally friendly", because in many countries the source of electricity are non-clean form of firepower or coal-fired power generation, not more than traditional energy vehicles cleaner, so not long before Musk took out PowerWall energy storage products, which can be stored in the cheap price, the supply Tesla charge use, of course, can also supply the whole family of electricity in the blackout.

But where does this power come from? SolarRoof to give it a clean source - solar energy, and SolarRoof more complex than traditional solar panels, the life of ordinary products is 2-3 times, and now you can order a single book next summer will be able to. Now the solar system can use Lifepo4 battery pack combine with BMS methods.


In order to be able to mix different styles of roof, Maske also offers four kinds of style, to say that the American people on the House this thing is very persistent, the renovation of the roof is absolutely big project, and SolarRoof structure, conversion efficiency, quality and beauty Degrees are you believe that Maske even go to dry home improvement, it is definitely a master.


In addition, yesterday, Musk also released Powerwall's second-generation products, the biggest change is the capacity to 13.5kWh, the price is 5500 US dollars, but also integrates the inverter.


The installation of SolarRoof, from the collection of solar energy to the storage energy to solar power batteries, and then to the Tesla kinetic energy, the energy consumption of the dragon, it is completely clean, and thus formed a closed loop, for a forthcoming Mars Of the high-handed president, this thing on the earth can finally make him at ease.


But Maske combination of this set of boxing is quite hard, on the one hand it is only a hard business support, the industry chain, there are few other partners and competitors; the other hand, these products are not small for the user cost, even in the United States is not an average middle-class families can afford, in short, in order to keep up with Maske energy empire concept, live a clean life, there is no strong family property can only stand side to see.

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