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Market polarization trend of battery

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-21 16:40:03

The lithium ion battery camp is huge, including lithium cobalt oxide, lithium manganese oxide, lifepo4 batteries, lithium titanate and other technical disciplines. Regardless of the application of power battery or energy storage project, the safety of the battery should be considered the first. The second is the energy density of lithium manganese oxide, lithium titanate, lithium iron phosphate technology into the first camp.

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Yu Zhenhua stressed: "under the premise of ensuring safety, high cost of products is bound to affect the choice of technical routes. It is worth noting that the current security is still qualitative indicators, the future of energy storage applications to respond to product safety quantitative indicators." It is understood that the new energy and the southern power grid to build a national "863 Plan" solar power generator plant demonstration project 2 MW lithium titanate battery energy storage station in April 2015 by the Ministry of science and technology acceptance.


High safety, 24000-35000 cycle life, 6-10 minutes of fast charging performance, minus 50-60 degrees Celsius in high temperature environment, to become an independent school in the lithium lithium titanate battery in the camp. China Electric Power Research Institute, the Institute of electrical engineering has said: "lithium titanate performance is particularly suited to the power grid ratio performance requirements. Large capacity energy storage system should promote the long life and low cost lithium titanate battery technology in large scale." The white paper pointed out that by the end of 2020, improve the technology research and development and preparation of materials of the various parts of the lithium ion battery, compete with the international level, to improve the cycle life of 6000-8000 times, the system costs fell to 1000-1500 yuan / kwh.


It is understood that, at present, the average cost of lithium battery is 2000-3000 yuan / kWh, of which the mainstream manufacturers system costs can be achieved 1500-2000 yuan / kWh, the cost of the battery at 1000 yuan / kwh.


It is understood that Zhuhai silver long new energy group R & D of the fourth generation of lithium titanate battery, the cost decreased by as high as 40%.


Fourth generation high density lithium titanate battery compared to the third generation product cost decreased by 40%, energy density increased by 30%.


Up to now, with the rapid development of the electric car market, battery manufacturers have expanded production capacity, the cost of the battery or will further decline. Yu Zhenhua stressed: "solar backup generator market trends show, a class of manufacturers capacity is insufficient, two or three types of manufacturers overcapacity problem. Enterprises need to adjust their own situation to adjust production layout."

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