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Market Forecast of Domestic Flexible Battery and Aluminum Plastic Film

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-25 15:51:25

According to statistics show that in 2013 the global demand for aluminum-plastic lithium battery of about 73 million square meters, the market size of about 25 to 30 billion; in 2013 China's lithium battery aluminum plastic film demand of about 36.5 million Square meters, an increase of 40%, the market size of about 15 billion yuan, an increase of 30%; in 2015 the domestic soft battery production value of 325 billion yuan, lithium battery aluminum foil demand for 67.5 million square meters, corresponding to the market size of about 2.15 billion Yuan, a very rapid growth, and it is always used in solar powered portable generator.


Japan to control the world's major production capacity, domestic demand has become increasingly prominent.


Japan's DNP and Showa Denko have already accounted for about 75% of the global market share, while Japan's T & T (Toppan), South Korea's Li Cun chemical production capacity is the world's aluminum plastic film market has been dominated by a small number of Japanese companies, Gradually released, its market share is also rising.

 soft batteries

After years of accumulation, the domestic enterprise technology matures, has begun to enter the aluminum film production, but in 2015 the localization rate is still less than 5% in 2016 is expected to be raised to about 8%, we believe that domestic lithium battery manufacturers face huge costs Pressure, the urgent need to reduce the cost of lithium battery raw materials, aluminum-plastic film to achieve import substitution, localization of the growing demand.

According to GBII survey data, China's aluminum-plastic film market is almost monopolized by Japanese companies in the import of aluminum-plastic film brand in a total of eight companies, of which Japanese companies have seven, the other one is South Korea Li Cun chemical, and our lifepo4 battery pack always choose the aluminum plastic package batteries.


At present, only a very small number of domestic enterprises can achieve the technical performance of aluminum-plastic products, the level of performance, the main problem is the resistance to electrolyte and Chong Shen, however, for example, the domestic aluminum-plastic film Chongshen maximum 5mm, While foreign can do 8 ~ 15mm. In addition, the domestic aluminum-plastic film there are the following deficiencies:


1) aluminum foil surface treatment process backward, pollution, and aluminum foil in the oil can not be cleaned, resulting in defects after the procedure;


2) aluminum foil water treatment process will produce "hydrogen embrittlement", so the domestic aluminum foil folding endurance;


3) The surface of aluminum foil coated with UV layer, aluminum foil stiffness is not enough, easy to fold dry compound, wide product can not produce and poor yield;


4) For CPP, the main domestic use Laminating machine leaching coating, and high thermal conductivity of aluminum foil composite surface, easy to curl, resulting in layered crystal;


5) due to technical reasons for the domestic adhesive formulations, resulting in products prone to delamination peel problem.


As a result, 90% of the domestic market is monopolized by Japan DNP, Showa Denko, T & T (Toppan Printing) and Kurihmura Chemical of Korea, which are unable to meet the demand of the domestic market. In recent years, although some domestic enterprises began to get involved in the aluminum plastic film industry, but only a small number of enterprises have small batch production, the product is mainly used for mobile phone digital. But you can see, through the endogenous breakthroughs in technology, the introduction of absorption and the acquisition of development and other means, the localization of aluminum-plastic film is an irresistible trend.


We believe that the rapid growth of new energy automotive industry and the continuous improvement of the soft battery permeability will be the driving force for the outbreak of demand for aluminum plastic film. We estimate that by 2020 the domestic demand for flexible battery pack will reach 45.40GWh, the demand for aluminum-plastic film will reach 158.67 million square meters, compared to 2015 demand will grow nearly 13 times; In addition, 3C, solar power generator and other areas of the battery pack on the aluminum plastic film demand will continue to grow. We estimate that the total market size of the domestic aluminum-plastic film market will reach RMB 9 billion by 2020, and the accumulated market size in the "thirth Five-Year Plan" period will be RMB 26.4 billion (not considering price increase due to the shortage of aluminum-plastic film) The pattern is still uncertain, the first layout of the business of aluminum-plastic film business, there is greater room for development.

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