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Magna Parva Awarded Engineering Qualification Contract

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-06 09:35:10
ModMoD has awarded Magna Parva a contract to build an engineering qualification model that can create structures of infinite size in space.

Solar powered portable generator are usually fabricated before launching into space. However, the weight and size of these structures put a huge demand for launch. Magna Parva said that by making space in space, the volume ratio between the raw material and the finished product could exceed 1000: 1, potentially increasing the magnitude of the space structure by an order of magnitude.

The new contract is part of MoD's "Affordable and Revolutionary Space" project, which is aimed at investigating and researching new satellite technologies. The prototype has been validated in the first stage of the space fabrication system and has provided a method for making 3D structures of carbon composites of varying size in space. Magna Parva's existing manufacturing capabilities are shown below.

In the new contract, the system will be redesigned to move from the prototype stage to a system suitable for launch and work in space. Researchers will further reduce the mechanical structure of the system and test the process of working in space, including vacuum, radiation, Heat and vibration environment, and the technical maturity (TRL) to 6.

"We are pleased to receive this contract to advance the latest developments in 'space manufacturing' technology, making it more clear that we are closer to working in space," said Andy Bowyer, director of the company.

"We are also developing new applications for the solar power generator technology, including larger space sensors to increase sensing and directionality, as an alternative to small satellite formation flying, to support more accurate Earth observation operations, and to enhance satellite communications through small satellites," Bowyer said. system."

"Through our NSTP funding and ESA funding, the UK Space Agency has provided years of support for this exciting technology," said Nick Cox, director of space technology at the UK Space Agency, which provides initial funding for the project. It is good to see that the MoD DSTL development fund in the UK is going further with the granting of the contract. "
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