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"Madman" Mask Eyes of the "future"

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-01 11:22:05

Tesla founder Mask legend is not only that he has successfully created and operated several famous companies, more particularly, each of his successful enterprises have their own unique recipe, Mask's successful model is indeed worth learning from, for example in the solar power generator field.


Recently, Mask proposed to send mankind to Mars. Perhaps some of his remarks are too crazy, but his speech is worthy of people to listen carefully. Recently, Mask has expressed his several "small ideas" in his eyes, "the future", it seems still very crazy.


1, 2024 years ago will send mankind to Mars

2, the Mars government to implement direct democracy

3, to build a self-sufficient human city on Mars

4, all people who go to Mars to do the preparation of death

5, disappear in space is not a bad thing

6, to prevent people from using autopilot, the equivalent of people die

7, let Tesla for automatic driving in the car accident is responsible for the elevator company as people trapped in charge of the elevator

8, people are likely to just live in a civilized exercise

9, man is already a semi-robot

10, human beings should be placed in the brain of an electronic intelligence layer against artificial intelligence

11, the greatest threat to mankind is artificial intelligence


Mask eyes of the "future" is crazy, he is actually very crazy in our eyes.


He created four billion-dollar businesses in his forties, and was in four different areas: software, energy, transportation, and aerospace. Many attribute his success to his work ethic (an average of 85 hours a week), or his imagination of a subversive reality in the future, and his incredible ability to adapt.


Different from ordinary people's work philosophy may be derived from his talent: his childhood reading, often spend 10 hours a day to read science fiction. "When he was eight or nine years old, he had finished eating the entire Encyclopedia Britannica and was able to remember it," said Mey.


10 years old, Mask bought the first computer, and self-programming. At the age of 12, Musk earned his "pot of gold" to 500 dollars to sell his own writing a space game Blastar. According to his brother Kimball Mascus, since the young age, Mask began reading two different disciplines a day book. "If you read a book a month, Musk is 60 times more likely to read."


In 1995, Mask went to Silicon Valley, California, intends to study at Stanford University, Ph.D. in applied physics and materials, but he dropped out of school only two days, because "he can not stand the Internet era, he himself." After leaving Stanford University, Mask's business is so smooth that, like other young entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley, his path to success is to start a business, look for venture capital, sell equity cash. However, Musk each successful business, it immediately put into the next more difficult and more complex to the cause, which is his unconventional character dictates.


In order to supplement the knowledge of books, Masi humbly ask a lot of people. Rockets specialist Cantrell called Musk "the smartest man he has worked with so far," and he said, "Musk hired me at Rockets and Spacecraft to be his co-workers, Just like the experience of these experts drained. "


Of course, Mask entrepreneurial process also encountered many difficulties and failures. He spent $ 180 million on Tesla and SpaceX when he sold PayPal in 2002. By 2008, the two companies are facing difficulties, Tesla big money, SpaceX's first three rocket launches have not reached the intended track. Tesla was in the critical juncture to complete a critical round of financing, then the bankruptcy of the company only a few hours.


Looking back, eager to read, studied in different disciplines, each successful venture into the next one more difficult and more complex career, which is what we should see Mask "light."


However, he is still down to earth in the work.


Recently, Tesla's third quarter earnings, a number of key data are far more than expected: the company's revenue reached 2.3 billion US dollars, an increase of 145% and a record high; net profit of 22 million US dollars, compared to the same period last year Net loss of 230 million US dollars. Tesla finally yielded satisfactory responses in the third quarter, with 25,185 units in the quarter, up 37% sequentially and a record 92% year-over-year growth.


In the first quarter of three years to obtain profitability, Mask and non-stop release of a new product: solar roof.


It is reported that Tesla solar roof by the unique composition of glass tiles, while embedded high efficiency solar power batteries. As a result of unique design, solar roof on the one hand, can absorb solar energy for housing, on the other hand, the roof can still maintain the original appearance, does not affect the appearance. Mask stressed that if the acquisition of SolarCity smooth, solar roof will be officially shipped in the summer of 2017.


Mask addition to the human to Mars up, the most wanted thing on earth, is to vigorously promote the development and application of renewable energy. It can be said that Mask vowed to replace the roof of the world! 


The world needs such a "crazy", and now we feel normal things, a few decades ago may be called mad, perhaps after a few decades back, Mask's idea is also very "normal", which also proved that he succeeded .

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