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MPPT OF Solar Power Portable Generation System

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-18 10:24:47
The Basic Principle Of Maximum Power Point Tracking

Know from the previous chapters, the PV array consists of a large number of solar power battery modules in series or parallel configuration, its role is to directly convert solar power generation into electrical energy in the form of direct current. Solar power portable generator systems currently used mostly for silicon solar cells, including monocrystalline silicon, polycrystalline silicon and polycrystalline silicon thin film solar cells. Silicon solar cell volt-ampere characteristic curve, which has a strong nonlinearity.

The maximum power output of the solar cell is its rated power. Figure 5-17 round black dots on the curve represents the corresponding insolation at solar maximum power output of the position, known as the "maximum power point." If you ignore the single solar cell production process differences resistive element connected between each other, and assuming the consistency of a monomer having the desired sun, the volt-ampere characteristic curve of the PV array can be seen as single solar cell voltage characteristics curve press series, parallel coordinates enlarge its scale voltage characteristics of photovoltaic arrays and single solar cell curve has the same shape. MPPT purpose is to solar power generation the maximum DC PV module can provide as much as possible in a timely manner to the load, the system can make the PV system efficiency as Gao Tong. But as a practical application system, by adjusting the size of the load impedance way to achieve maximum power output it is difficult to achieve.

In fact, MPPT for solar power generation implementation is essentially a dynamic self-optimization process, through an array of current detection output voltage and current, the output power to get the current array, and then have been stored the previous time array power compared to small depositors large homes and then testing, then compare, so the cycle constantly, you can make an array of dynamic work at the maximum power point, the control box. We can be achieved in an indirect way, the maximum power point tracking method as previously mentioned 5.1, a constant voltage tracking method (CVT), perturbation and observation method, power feedback method, the incremental conductance method and fuzzy control algorithms, etc., can be more good realize MPPT function.

The data acquisition/switch controller has input and output ports, analog input and output ports, but also has strong extension, and communication interfaces. Analog inputs can be used to measure (including temperature, humidity, voltage, current, etc.), switch inputs and outputs can be used to control, as long as the power monitoring and control systems and photovoltaic systems regulating system combination can achieve remote monitoring, or in the development of solar power generation systems control device, inverter when the GSM/ GPRS modules together into an integrated whole.
Remote control and telemetry technology is widely used in industrial control, urban traffic control control, solar power generation systems, military, offshore and aviation. In recent years, solar photovoltaic technology continues to mature and popularity of solar photovoltaic energy is gradually to the base by the auxiliary energy transition, especially the emergence of the PV power plant system and W, so that the prospects of solar photovoltaic power generation increasingly bright. Solar photovoltaic power plant monitoring system has become increasingly important, such as: the state of the PV system monitoring, fault detection, data acquisition. Wired remote system by the number of the crew, master computer and data acquisition system software, gateway software, communication interface. The next crew can be embedded into the portable solar power generator system to power conditioning systems. Through the interface chip (TTL/485,485/232) of the level converter access the master computer, and then achieve the lower computer data acquisition system with the host computer via the underlying communication software gateway software.

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