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MIT Researches On Car Battery Recycle

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-04 19:57:55
MITResearchers at MIT have developed a simple program to make use of lead from lead-acid car battery recycling solar cells promising waste - which might contribute to the environment and human health practices. With the new lead-free automotive batteries put into use, the old batteries will be sent to the solar industry, rather than landfill. If the production of this new, high-efficiency, low-cost solar cells to take off - and many experts believe it will - increase the manufacturers' demand for lead, it can lead mining and smelting without additional satisfaction. Well as laboratory experiments confirm that the secondary lead made, those made with high purity, solar cells, commercially available materials. Thus, the lifepo4 battery can support the recovery of the production of these new solar cells, while researchers in a more benign but equally effective material to replace lead.

Concerned about the solar industry, the focus is now a new class called perovskite crystal photovoltaic material. The reason is obvious: the rich starting materials, easily processed at low temperatures, and manufacture of solar cells can be as thin, lightweight, flexible - ideal for Windows, building facades, etc. They promise high efficiency.
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