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Low-Temperature Battery Succeeds In Urban Electric Vehicle In Winter

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-26 09:54:52
Recently, strong cold air raids in northern, eastern Inner Mongolia, northeastern most of the snow, urban electric vehicles running the face of "winter" test. However, the shuttle in Heilongjiang, Inner Mongolia and Xinjiang and other places of the Optimum Innovation Alliance pure electric car without fear of snow, calmly deal with cold weather, successfully won the first battle of the winter.
Urban electric vehicle
Winter "lying nest" has been a pure electric vehicles in the northern region the most embarrassing problem. Studies have shown that when the temperature dropped from 25 to -20, car LFP battery power can be reduced by 30%, charging time will be a corresponding increase. Therefore, in the low-temperature environment, electric vehicle operation is usually difficult to charge, the mileage has shrunk dramatically. In northern China, such as Inner Mongolia, Heilongjiang, Jilin, Liaoning and other places, the temperature is often below -20 degrees in winter, is the implementation of new energy vehicles in the North obstacles.

At present, the Optimum Innovation Alliance in the northern region has invested thousands of pure electric vehicles, including buses, commuter buses, logistics vehicles and other types of vehicles, of which more than 1,000 investment in Inner Mongolia pure electric buses and logistics vehicles, Heilongjiang There are also nearly 200 buses running. Recently, in Inner Mongolia, the average temperature of -23, Heilongjiang, the temperature reached -38 cases, these vehicles are still running smoothly. According to Optimum staff, this group of pure electric vehicles running in the north, the longest mileage has been more than 50,000 km.
low temperature environment electric vehicle
It is understood that Wo Tema Innovation Alliance pure electric vehicles in the northern low-temperature environment, good performance, thanks to its mature low-temperature solution. As early as the end of last year, by the Innovation Alliance chairman unit - Shenzhen Optimum Battery Co., Ltd. for the northern region developed low-temperature batteries in northern Xinjiang, a month-long low-temperature operation test to succeed. Optimum battery is the top three power battery business, the R & D team from the lithium iron phosphate, graphite, electrolytes and other raw materials to proceed to optimize the material for low-temperature charge and discharge, through reasonable structural design and process improvement, and strict Control cell production process, breaking the normal temperature of the battery charge and discharge conditions - more than zero charge and minus 20 degrees above the discharge limit, to achieve the normal discharge of minus 35 degrees and minus 20 degrees of normal charge. The results of the study by the authority of the Tianjin Institute of the eighteen professional all the tests and the Shenzhen Municipal Science and Technology Innovation Committee of the results of identification, experts have been assessed as "the leading domestic level." As of June 2016, the study has produced seven related patents, including three invention, utility model four.
optimum staff
In addition, in order to protect the normal operation of winter vehicles, winter before this year, Wo Tema Innovation Alliance's after-sales team to conduct a careful deployment of all running vehicles for detailed investigation. For low-temperature operation of the vehicle, through the installation of active balance module, upgrade special procedures, etc. to enhance the lifepo4 battery low-temperature performance. And vehicle operation and support personnel to carry out winter operation knowledge training for charging, arctic weather vehicles and battery maintenance conducted a comprehensive training to ensure that the vehicle safe and smooth operation.

From the first to develop -20 normal charge and discharge low-temperature lifepo4 battery pack and converted into mass production, to the actual operation of the test, not only demonstrates the technical level and social responsibility of Optimum, but also means that the promotion of pure electric vehicles in northern China has mature s solution. Since then, the application of new energy vehicles in China will open the ice in the test of the new world.
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