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Low Cost Solar Power Generation System For Glass Windows

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-09 11:38:22
The research team at the laboratory's Center for Advanced Solar PV has obtained a certain amount of solar energy conversion efficiency by spraying a thin layer of quantum dots onto a common glass so that the glass in a building Windows into low-cost solar power generator system.
People are always trying to use multiple connected solar modules to capture the solar energy that falls on a window. "Using a mechanism to direct the captured sunlight directly to the solar cells at the edge of the window will not only greatly simplify the device but also lower the cost." We now have the capability to do this. "Victor Klimo, a nanotechnology engineer who led the study, Said the husband.
New research shows that nanocrystals, such as quantum dots, can be used to fabricate large-area and cost-effective scatter-source devices, and tests for absorbance and stability also show that such devices are not comparable to other solar cells, researchers say. Inferior. These coatings are also recyclable, and glass is readily available, the first choice for high-rise buildings where there is not enough space to install solar panels. They will then continue to adjust the quantum dot concentration, in order to improve the absorption characteristics and conversion efficiency, easy to put into use as soon as possible.
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Solar Window Technologies has also developed a liquid organic pv solar array consisting of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen that can be applied to transparent surfaces that are transparent in many colors or neutral tones. The energy generated by the coating can generally be transmitted through the transparent grid of a conductive cable to the side of the window, and then from here to continue transmission to the transmission line. As you may already know, if there is no environmental effect that we will not make sense, so we will not make such a commitment to anyone. Will specifically tell you how to use skyscrapers, houses and the city, we can not do without the energy.So we should use green energy like portable solar power generator system for home to protection of the environment.

Even after trying to research the solar windows, my first reaction was to think of it as an extension of the traditional solar industry. To some extent, this statement is not wrong, because the end result is to collect energy from the light, but each technology in a different way. When it comes to "solar energy", the brain immediately emerge out of a large blue solar photovoltaic panels, or used to decorate the roof, or in the scorching sun to collect energy. Solar windows technology companies want to have the surface of solar panels for some innovation and processing, so that it can generate electricity, and the surface is completely transparent, and can be seamlessly integrated into existing buildings already exist, And generates green electricity.

Ordinary households have higher window rates than windows in skyscrapers, but care must be taken not to damage the connectors between the coating and the other wires. The company is currently working on the development of connectors for any type of window frame, and a system corresponding to a classic hinge or sliding window frame can already be used. If several coated glasses are stacked together, do not worry, all layers will produce energy, which Scott has confirmed. In the case of your window pane allows you to even get three or four times the effective coating surface.
 solar off grid power plant with battery backup
Klimov team found that an ultra-thin quantum dot coating allows ordinary glass transfiguration solar panels to maintain function for 14 years, and energy conversion efficiency is now as high as 1.9%, although the practical needs of the 6 % There are gaps, but they can quickly achieve this goal. It is also easy to spray quantum dots on window glass by spraying a slurry of quantum dots and PVP polymer onto the glass using a single machine, which can then be spread out as a thin layer with a doctor blade.
The Klimov team uses a CdS core with a cadmium-zinc-sulfur shell and covers a layer of silica to prevent oxidation of the shell and loss of light absorption. When the sun photons encounter quantum dots, the shell of electrons from the covalent band transition to the conduction band, leaving holes. Electrons and holes jump to the core simultaneously, where they recombine to form photons. In the design, they let the shell layer absorb only high-energy photons, so that new photons will be easily transmitted through the internal reflection of the entire glass and quantum dot layer, and ultimately reach the edge of the glass, where the solar cells to absorb.If this off grid solar generation we need storage excess capacity into lifepo4 battery pack , we can use it as a backup power supply.
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