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Lithium titanate batteries will be using the counter-attack difficult

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-20 18:12:13

The development of new energy vehicles is inseparable from the progress of battery power. After years of development, China has formed from the upstream resource development, to the middle reaches of the production equipment manufacturing, and then to the downstream application of lithium battery perfect lithium battery industry chain include lifepo4 batteries, but the battery high cost, low energy density, life mileage is still difficult to solve.


China and other countries in the world compared to the level of power battery technology gap? What is the relationship between battery automation and battery consistency? Which battery is better? Battery recycling prospects?

Lithium production needs automation


Lithium-ion battery development has been 25 years. The first 20 years the main application areas confined to small appliances (mobile phones, laptops, etc.). Its security has not been fully resolved. In recent years, with the development of electric vehicles, lithium development has entered a new climax.


Many companies swarmed into the industry. But the last to survive, it must be those who can do a good job quality of the enterprise. To talk about the safety of the battery, we must first ensure the consistency of battery performance, otherwise the safety of the battery is out of the question.


We all know that Tesla is using the 18650 battery, which is the lithium industry standard industry, after mainly used in laptop computers. Tesla with thousands of 18650 batteries assembled in the car as a power supply. So many batteries assembled together, each battery has two wire (positive and negative one), so there will be a large number of connecting thread, any one of the welding head loose will cause the loss of function of the battery. Why Tesla to use 18650 battery?

 lithium batteries

Although this battery is not designed for electric vehicles to do, but the 18650 battery is the industry's oldest product, or industry benchmark. It has a relatively complete security system and better product consistency. It can be used in solar powered portable generator. If the large-capacity single-cell battery can do 18650 consistency, people will of course use large-capacity power battery, so you can reduce the number of solder joints and improve reliability.

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