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Lithium titanate batteries or counter-attack

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-21 11:52:00

Now the lithium titanate lithium battery is the longest life, the highest safety of the battery. On the life cycle, ordinary lithium-ion battery is about 1000-2000 times, lithium titanate is 1-2 million cycles, the former is 10 times.


 In addition, lithium titanate batteries have excellent power characteristics and high and low temperature performance, the only shortage is the low energy density. For example, its good to use it in portable solar power generator. Prior to this, the industry is also worried about the lithium titanate battery flatulence problem, the problem from the technology has long been properly resolved.


Lithium titanate battery production technology has also matured, but many lithium companies have not really grasp the mass production of lithium titanate battery technology.


Of course, one-sided emphasis on the safety of lithium titanate material is not right. The entire electric vehicle power system is a systematic project, any part of which is not done can produce security incidents.


Lithium titanate batteries in the new energy vehicles have a certain market share but less likely to become mainstream products, because of its low energy density. But in the field of energy storage has great potential, such as solar power generator because of its relatively low weight requirements.


If we consider the lithium-titanate battery life cycle of low-cost, this technology is still very attractive. Compared to the current lithium-ion battery, about 3-5 years for a crop, lithium titanate battery life even if it is 5 times, that is 15 years.


During the replacement of the battery cost, downtime debugging maintenance, old and new batteries may have trouble mixing, the use of lithium titanate batteries in these areas cost savings is very substantial. Such as when use battery in solar powered potable generator. Battery Whether it is used to do car power or energy storage, the most fundamental performance requirements are consistent, cost-effective.


So what about other types of batteries do, such as lithium-air battery, all solid-state batteries and graphene batteries?


Now the lithium-ion battery and all solid-state batteries, there are many issues that need to address the laboratory, there is distance from the industrialization. The so-called excellent performance of graphene batteries is that some of the characteristics of this material through the theoretical calculation of the magnified, difficult to convince people.

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